Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 17th April 2024 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 17th April 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 17th April 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Kartik tells Shiv that they can get their dolls married. Shiv says we should invite everyone to the wedding, they invite Nandu, he says I will get my clothes ready.

Dharam wears a suit, Manorama says you look nice but you should focus on wooing Koyal, don’t spend my money for nothing. If she isn’t going to college then go to her house. Dharam is scared but she tells him to just act to love her and not actually fall in love with her, he nods and leaves.

Shiv invites Dadi to their dolls’ wedding. He invites Koyal but she says she has to leave.

Koyal comes out of her house and the guard gives her some flowers, she scolds him but he says its not from me. Dharam comes there and says it’s from me. She smiles seeing him in a suit. She tries scolding him and says giving flowers is so old-fashioned, do something interesting. She drives away.

Shiv invites Mandira to the wedding, she says how will you arrange money for the wedding? he says we don’t have it. Mandira offers them money and says you have to earn it. I will ask some questions and you have to answer. She asks why did Shakti kiss you? He says she kissed me. Keertan says he is irritating me. Mandira says I can’t give you money as you didn’t answer me, you can ask your Dadi, he nods and leaves. Mandira says Dadi has to pay for raising her hand on me.

Dadi is crying for Shiv and says he was the best neurosurgeon and now he is mentally unstable. Shiv comes there and asks for money, he dances around and Dada’s photo falls down. Dadi tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen so she slaps him before he can step on Dada’s photo. Shakti comes there and is shocked. Dadi says he stepped on Dada’s photo. Shiv cries and says it was my mistake but why did you hit me? Shakti tries to calm him down but he says why are you interfering in this? I don’t even know you. Dadi closes her door. Mandira is outside the room and says so this was the secret. Shiv doesn’t recognize Shakti. Now I can throw her out of the house.

Dharam comes home and tells Manorama that your plan failed, she didn’t like the flowers. I can’t woo her. Manorama says you can’t lose like this, Dharam says she is a queen and has many followers and lovers. Manorama says so we have to think of a best idea to woo her. She gets an idea and tells him to go to her college.

Scene 2

Mandira tells Keertan and Padma that Shiv doesn’t remember Shakti at all, he doesn’t know she is married to him. Padma says in the eyes of the law, they are still married. Mandira says but Shiv is mentally unstable. He doesn’t remember Shakti and if we make Shiv believe that Shakti is bad for him and is dangerous then he would panic and might attack someone. If he is scared of Shakti then we should keep him away from Shakti. Keertan says how will we do that? Mandira says I will make Shiv scared of Shakti. Rimjhim hides and hears all that. Mandira sees her and tells Keertan to stop her at any cost, she can’t tell about our plan to Shakti. He nods and leaves.

Rimjhim is going to Shakti but Keertan stops her and asks where is she going? she says I was going to the kitchen. He says you should focus on me more, he pulls her closer and says nobody talks about our love story, can you spare time for your husband? He picks her up and takes her to their room. He locks the door and puts her on the bed. Rimjhim is scared. Keertan says just focus on me now. He caresses her face and turns off the lights.

Koyal comes home, Dharam comes there and dances around. She asks what is she doing? He says I am your fan. Koyal says this is called harassment, I will call the police on you. Dharam says no no.. I was just trying to woo you. Koyal tries to leave but some men arrive there and kidnap Koyal, they take her away. Dharam is shocked seeing that.

Kartik is studying and ready to go to school. Shiv says please don’t go, stay with me. Kartik says no, I can’t miss my school today as I have a test. Shiv says fine. Kartik asks Shakti to help him with revision for his test. Shakti says sure and goes with him. Mandira finds Shiv alone and goes to him. She says we can play as you must be bored. He says yes, Kartik is going to school so we can play. Mandira says you should go to school too to become a doctor. He says you are right but I have no books or a bag. Mandira brings a bag for him and says I have got it for you.

Shakti wishes good luck to Kartik, he starts leaving for his school but Mandira brings Shiv there in a school uniform. Kartik and Shakti are shocked. Mandira says you are ready to go to school. Shakti asks what’s going on? Shiv says I am going to school with Kartik, we will play so much there. Let’s go. Mandira tells Shakti that she can’t protect Shiv outside the house. I am worried about you now. The kids won’t like a grown man in their school and would call him mental. They would bully him so much that Shiv might lose his cool and hurt a kid, Kartik would be so ashamed. How will you stop all this? Shakti looks on.

The episode ends.

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