Ik Kudi Punjab Di 23rd April 2024 Written Update

Ik Kudi Punjab Di 23rd April 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Ik Kudi Punjab Di 23rd April 2024 Written Episode

Jeet asks Jasmin to tell him where Heer is so he can save her. Jarnail points a gun at Heer, and she tells him that he can do whatever he wants, but this time he will definitely be defeated. Jarnail smirks and says that her truth has been revealed, and she is captive. Heer warns him not to touch Jeet.

Jeet tells Jasmin that he will go and tell all the family members about her truth. When she tries to deny it, he makes her listen to the audio recording he has. He scolds her for cheating someone who has always supported her. Jeet warns Jasmin and says that Beant will make her leave the house, and Gurmeet will never see her face again. Jasmin says that Jarnail is taking advantage of her situation, and she is not doing all this willingly. Jeet begs Jasmin to tell him where Jarnail is, and he won’t tell anyone the truth.

Heer realizes that Jasmin is the one who told Jarnail about her truth. She questions Jarnail about it. Jarnail tells her that she has found out the truth quite late. Heer says that Jasmin cannot be the one behind this and recalls her moments spent with Jasmin. She keeps saying that Jasmin cannot be the one. Jarnail tells her that she had some weakness, so he took advantage of it. Jarnail tells that after taking Heer’s life, he has to take Jeet’s life too. He points the gun at Heer and bids her goodbye. But then he stops and says he has some work to finish first and leaves from there.

Jasmin goes to her room. Heer struggles to free herself from the tied ropes on the chair. Jeet reaches there, and Heer feels his presence. She calls out for him, and he reaches out to her. Jeet frees Heer from the ropes, and she hugs him. Heer tells him about Jasmin, but Jeet says that he already knows about it. He asks her to leave quickly, but Jarnail enters there and hits Jeet on the head. He captures both Heer and Jeet again. Jarnail tells that Jasmin had texted him that Jeet was going there. A flashback shows Jasmin informing Jarnail about the same.

Jasmin doesn’t feel guilty and thinks about her unborn child. Gurmeet comes to her, and he questions her if her mind is not working. Gurmeet questions Jasmin how she could attack his girlfriend. Jasmin says that she was telling her that she will take him away from Jasmin. Gurmeet scolds Jasmin, but she tells him that she will not allow anyone to take him away from her. Jarnail tells his men to keep an eye on Heer and Jeet. Jasmin meets Jarnail and asks him to give her money as she wants to leave for Canada. Jarnail double-crosses Jasmin as he shows how Gurmeet’s girlfriend was also his pawn.

Precap: Jasmin starts a drama in front of everyone and says that Heer and Jeet are not alive anymore. Beant Singh says you must have misunderstood. Jarnail walks in with his goons and says this is true.

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