Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 23rd April 2024 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 23rd April 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 23rd April 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Shakti tells the family to sit down as a lengthy show is about to start. Manorama tells Keertan to not worry, you do mistakes but don’t worry, we will take care of it. She starts beating him up with Dharam and Chacha. Mandira tries to stop her but Manorama tells her to stay back otherwise she will be beaten too. Nandu pulls Padma and Mandira back while Dharam, Chacha, Manorama and Shakti beat Keertan up badly. Dadi tells Ragunath that my mind says to stop them but my heart says that he deserves it. Ragunath says what’s happening with him is right. Keertan is beaten up badly. Manorama tells Nandu to call the police. The inspector comes back and asks what happened to him? Manorama says he fell down the stairs like Rimjhim. I tried to talk to them but they didn’t agree so he has to be arrested. Mandira says you can’t do that. The inspector says its a serious offence so we have to take him away. Keertan is arrested, he glares at Shakti as he is taken away. Mandira tells Shakti that she won’t spare her now. She says you all will be punished for this. I promise that Shakti will bring Keertan out of jail soon. Shakti says I am going to send you to your son soon in jail.

Mandira is angry and comes to her room. She says this Shakti always spoils my plans and she sent my son to jail, she has to be punished. Kamal comes there and consoles her, he says I know you are worried about Keertan but we have to be calm and think of ways to bring him out. Domestic violence is a serious offence. Mandira says we have to make Shakti break to bring Keertan out. Shakti’s weakness is Shiv, I can use him to give pain to Shakti. Then will have to bow down to me and will do anything that I want.

Kartik asks Shiv if he will fulfil his promises to Shakti? He says yes. Kartik says your promises are special because she is your wife. Shiv says yes, I know that.

Manorama congratulates Shakti for getting married to Shiv again. I want you to get him in every life. She tells Dadi that every parent wants her daughter to get love in her inlaws house but if they face injustice then they should leave inlaws house and their parents’ house should always be open for them. My daughters never got any love here so I want to take my daughters away and I will take Shiv with me to protect him from Mandira. Shakti says no, we aren’t going to run away like cowards, this is Shiv’s house so he won’t go anywhere, just bless to fight the evil. Manorama says fine but if you need anything then call me. She asks Rimjhim to pack her bags and go with him. Ragunath says we want to apologize for not being able to stop Keertan. Dadi says we are sorry for failing in our upbringing. Manorama says his mother failed, not you. Ragunath says we couldn’t protect Rimjhim as our DIL but I promise to protect her as my daughter now. Rimjhim says I want to stay here with Shakti, you know I will be safer with her. If we sisters are together then we can face any trouble. Manorama says you are right, be each other’s strength and fight that Mandira together. She hugs them. Koyal sees Dharam and messages him that she wants to meet him. He messages that his family is with him so he can’t. He goes away with his family.

Scene 2

Dharam is trying to start the car but its not working. Manorama says what’s wrong with this car? Koyal comes out and asks if their car isn’t working? she can help. She asks Manorama if she can drop them? She will get their car repaired later on. Manorama thinks she is trying to impress us, she says we will go on our own. Koyal says please let me drop you, what Keertan did with Rimjhim was wrong so at least let me apologize properly. Manorama says fine. They sit in Koyal’s car. Dharam says her driving is nice. Manorama murmurs to Chacha that their love story is going fast. I am feeling proud of my son as he brought Koyal in our team. Chacha says I feel he might actually fall in love with her. Manorama says I know my son, he is doing all this for his sisters only.

Shakti is serving food to Dadi, she sees Shiv playing with Kartik and says he seems so happy now. I just want him to keep smiling. Dadi asks her to eat something. She says I will eat later on. She asks Rimjhim if she saw Mandira anywhere? lets go and look for her.

Shakti comes to Mandira’s room and doesn’t find her there. Rimjhim checks the house and tells Shakti that she didn’t find her anywhere. Shakti says where she must be? Shiv says we should eat something. He drags her to the table and says you have to share food with me to increase our love, Dadi told me that. He feeds her and says you are my wife so let me do this. Rimjhim and Dadi smile seeing that. They both feed each other, Shakti smiles at him and gets emotional. Shiv asks why is she crying? She says these are happy tears. He says you have to be happy all the time now. He says I will clean up the plates. Dadi says its a woman’s job. Shiv says girls and boys are the same so I can do this for her. Shakti says but.. Dadi says Shiv is right, both are equal so household work should be equal too, let him do it. Shiv takes away the plates. Dadi says Shakti’s love will make Shiv fine. Shakti says we have to protect him from Mandira. I don’t know where she is.

Mandira comes to the Keertan in the station, he asks if she prepared for his bail? She says no, its a domestic violence case so bail will take some time but don’t worry, I will bring you out soon. Keertan says your plans keep failing and I pay every time. Mandira says I don’t know how Shakti failed my plan. Keertan says I can’t believe that Rimjhim had the guts to go against me, Mandira says Shakti is behind all this. You are my son and I won’t let you rot in jail even if I have to learn the law myself.

The episode ends.

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