Ikyawann 31st May 2018 Written Update

Ikyawann 31st May 2018 Written Update by Amena

Ikyawann 31st May 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Leela saying this time, Susheel is dead, you vowed to ruin Susheel’s life, its ruined. Satya gets shocked. Kali asks Leela to stop it. Sejal says just surrender to police, you can stay alive, else you can get mad and do anything to yourself. Leela looks at them and acts. She says you have to play one more game with me, my goon has done the work. Mehul in disguise gets Fighter didi in unconscious state. Kali says her forehead is bleeding, I will treat her. Leela says leave it, I m going to kill her now. She says our story is different, there is just one bullet here, don’t worry, I will give equal opportunity to everyone. She gives the gun to Jhanno and asks her to start the game.

Jhanno shoots at herself and gets saved. Leela laughs. Sejal asks her to please stop it. Sejal

shoots at herself and also gets saved, like Kali. Satya hugs Kali and takes the gun. Satya closes eyes and thinks I m coming to you Susheel. Leela asks him to shoot Fighter. Susheel comes. Susheel throws a vase at his hand and makes the gun fall. They all see her. Kali and Sejal hug her. Satya gets happy.
Leela laughs and says I knew that she was alive, I did this to make her come out. Susheel says I will finish everything today, you don’t live up to your promises, your threats are empty. Fighter didi points gun at Leela’s head. Leela gets shocked. Fighter Didi says I m a wrestler, you thought I will faint. Susheel says she has learnt wrestling since childhood and learnt acting from you. Fighter Didi says I knew Susheel will come and not spare you. Susheel says you think your goon will attack Fighter Didi.

Mehul removes the moustache. Leela gets shocked. Susheel says you lost the game when you left me alone in the room. She recalls how she ran away and met Fighter Didi. She says your blessings have kept me alive mum. She says I was there when Leela came there, Leela had the fake fun. Fighter Didi says I acted to fall down and faint. Mehul says we did this to catch you red handed, why did you do this. Susheel says you didn’t leave my mum, Kaki, Mami and Dadi, my mum was pregnant that time, what did they go through, did you think, I didn’t see my mum because of you.

Dada ji comes there and apologizes to Susheel. He says I have learned the truth today, it was all because of you Leela, I m ashamed now, I have already mourned for the family I lost, the only thing I regret is that I always blamed Susheel for this. Susheel says no. Dada ji says you are my lucky child. Susheel says you always thought 51 number is lucky, there is nothing like lucky or unlucky, for the sake of my mum and my family…. Leela takes the gun and aims at Susheel. Satya asks Leela to lower the gun. Leela says don’t come forward. Police comes and takes the gun from Leela’s hand. Susheel says you should have let me finish my word, I m getting you punished today. Satya says Dadi, I used to handcuff you while playing game in childhood, but I didn’t imagine to see you this way. Police takes Leela. Satya says I m proud of you Susheel. Everyone smiles.

Susheel says Fighter Didi you did a lot for me, you supported me so much and taught me, I will never forgive this. Mehul says Susheel is back and fine, thanks to you all. Dada ji says she is our Susheel, not just your daughter. Mehul thanks Kali for doing a lot for Susheel. Kali says Sejal inspired us to stay positive. Mehul thanks Sejal. Sejal says Susheel is the wrestling queen. Mehul asks where is Satya. Susheel says lets leave. Kali says you stay here. Sejal says yes, Kali is like your mum. Satya says Susheel, you are my wife…. He shows the mangalsutra and asks her to stay back by the rights of his wife.

Satya shows the mangalsutra to Susheel. They hug. Everyone smiles. Satya shows attitude and holds her close. They have an eyelock..

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