Imlie 21st August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 21st August 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 21st August 2023 Written Episode

Anu refuses to sign contract until she gets advance money. Ken/Atharva gets tensed. Rudra disguised as Ken’s father, senior Ken, walks in and says he will pay her advance. Anu asks who is he. He says he is senior Ken and winks at Atharva. Imlie identifies him and smiles. Atharva runs and touches Rudra’s feet. Rudra says his Sheikhu touched his feet inspired by Bollywood and reminded him of SRK. Shivani says senior and junior Ken are snatching their house. Imlie says senior Ken is the owner of this house, he is Devika’s husband Rudra Rana. Rudra asks assistant to show 50 lakhs to Anu. Anu gets greedy to see 50 lakhs in a suitcase. Rudra says he canceled his oil deal and came here for his sheikhu and Anu is doubting his sheikhu.

Anu apologizes him. Rudra flirts with Anu and says she is so beautiful. Anu says she is single since years. Rudra says he hates her loneliness. Anu imagines romancing senior ken with Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha.. song. Out of flashback, Anu announces a party for senior Ken and says she will sign a contract during the party. Ken thanks her and tries to leave. Anu signs Na Jawo Saiyan.. song. Devika fumes seeing Ken flirting with Anu. Back to room, Devika pampers Atharva and gets angry on Rudra for flirting with Anu. Rudra says he had to do that to get into Anu’s good books. She asks how did he arrange 50 lakhs. Rudra says Imlie took loan from her boss and its 10 lakhs with fake money behind. Devika asks what if Anu doubts. Rudra says that is why he showed money from a distance, Anu is in a hurry to sell the house and will not count the money.

They all feel bad for Kairi who is just 5 year old and has to bear troubles because of them. Imlie says their problems will be solved by the time Kairi returns from her friend’s place. Keya walks in and asks what are Sheikhs doing there. Rudra says he came to offer job to them in his 5-star hotel, but they are too lazy and he will never give them job. He and Atharva walk away. Keya asks others to get back to work. She gets suspicious on sheikhs fixes a hidden teddy CCTV camera in the room. In the evening, Rudra asks Devika to fix his beard. It gets recorded in CCTV camera. Anu’s party starts. Imlie’s boss walks in. Anu thinks who is this unknown guest and walks towards her. Imlie hears her boss’ voice and hopes she doesn’t inform Anu about lending money to her.

Precap: Keya watches CCTV footage of Rudra fixing his beard and thinks of exposing him to Anu. Atharva watches it and informs Anu.

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