Imlie 21st May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 21st May 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 21st May 2023 Written Episode

Imlie tells Dhairya that she can’t understand what he is saying. Dhairya says he understood that she is a ray of hope who helps everyone and continues to pray her. He then kneels down holding a ring and proposes to marry her. Devika asks Shivani if Imlie is not coming with them. Shivani says Imlie is with Dhairya and they must be chatting. Devika says they can talk even at home. Rudra hopes Imlie accepts Atharva’s proposal and moves on in life. Atharva walks back towards summer camp thinking he misunderstood Imlie 5 years ago. Shivani and Devika watch him carrying Kairi and discuss that father and daughter look too good, without noticing his face.

Imlie slips. Dhairya holds her. Atharva reaches there. Imlie tells Dhairya that Atharva doesn’t stay in her heart. Atharva shatters hearing that and walks away dropping her locket. Yaar Bedardeya.. song plays in the background. Atharva thinks he thought Imlie still loves him, but his faith was wrong. Imlie tells Dhairya that Atharva is the air she breathes, her freedom, etc., and she is alive with Atharva’s memories. Atharva thinks Imlie betrayed him and didn’t want to get his daughter on earth, he will never get Imlie back in his life. Imlie tells Dhairya that she can’t marry him. Dhairya says Atharva will not return. Imlie says Atharva is her friend, love, husband, everything till her last breath. She asks him to leave her alone for some time. Dhairya thinks let Imlie love Atharva, he will love her.

Imlie searches for her locket and finds it on floor. She looks at Atharva’s pic and says even he tries to go away from her, Seeta maiya brings him back to her. Atharva thinks its Imlie’s fate that she met Kairi, he will be 2 steps ahead of fate and protect Kairi from Imlie. A lady brings Kairi to him. Kairi seeing clouds asks why sky is dark. Atharva says someone hurt it, so its crying. Kairi asks Atharva if he met princess aunty in summer camp, can they take her home. Atharva says she has gone far away, they both are enough for each other. Chini feels happy that Atharva and Kairi chose her and are returning to her. Anu calls Chini and asks her to do something and marry Atharva before he returns to Imlie. Chini says she doesn’t have to worry as Atharva is eturning to her rejecting Imlie.

Atharva with Kairi takes shelter in a hut due to heavy room. Kairi feels afraid hearing thunderstorms. Atharva sings a song and cheers her up. He thinks he had handled himself with great difficulty, how ill he handle this new pain now.

Precap: Kairi gets stuck under a tree and a branch falls towards her. Atharva and Imlie hold tree branch and protect her. Imlie is shocked to see Atharva and confronts him.

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