Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21st May 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21st May 2023 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21st May 2023 Written Episode

Savi asks Sai to take even her to honeymoon as she had promised her to show an ocean. She then requests Satya to take her along. Gowri says she will get bored with Sai and Satya, so they all will go on a vacation. Savi rejoices. Satya says`he will return and take family on family moon. Savi asks what is family moon. Maddy starts a story. Gowri says let it go as Savi understood. After some time in the hospital cabin, Sai recalls about intoxicated Virat’s drama in restaurant. She calls him. He apologizes her for yesterday’s event. Sai says its okay and says she wants Savi to stay in Chavan nivas for a few days and asks him to pick up with Vinu from school. Virat feels happy and informs family that Savi will stay with them for a few days. Bhavani asks if Sai will let that happen. Virat says Sai herself called him and informed her.

Sai asks nurse Shanti to check her and Dr Satya’s weekend schedule. Shanti says Satya doesn’t have any important appointments, but Sai has a lecture with US doctors. Sai thinks Satya will think she canceled trip purposefully if she informs him now, so let Satya find out about the lecture himself and cancel the trip. Virat buys lots of toys for Savi. Friend asks if he wants to open a toy shop. Virat says his daughter is coming and he loves her more than any father does. Friend says he is sure Virat loves even his wife immensely. Virat gets silent. Ashwini prepares kheer for Savi and tells Ninad that Sai is very understanding and cares for everyone. Ninad agrees. Ashwini says she shouldn’t have forced Sai to marry Satya trying to save Pakhi’s marriage as Sai and Virat still love each other and are lost in each other’s memories.

Satya calls nurse Rani and asks him to give phone to Sai. Rani says Sai is in a labor room and will take time to come out. Satya thinks he should go and pick Savi from school then and reaches Savi’s school. He takes her in his bike. Virat reaches next and asks watchman about Savi. Watchman says Savi just left with Satya. Back home, Savi dances watching a dance video on TV. Satya, Maddy, and Gowri watch her dance silently. TV stops. Savi thinks how will she learn dance now. Maddy and Gowri teach her dance on Pingada Pori.. song. Alka aaji also joins them. Amba walks in and seriously asks if they are dancing. They stand tensed. Amba asks why didn’t they call her and dances with them. Satya video calls Sai and shows how all 5 girls are enjoying dance.

Virat walks in and shouts at Satya. Satya and his family gets angry seeing him there. Virat shouts what he thinks of himself. Satya asks if he is still intoxicated. Virat asks what is Savi doing here. Amba says Savi stays here. Virat asks what nonsense they are teaching to his daughter. Virat warns him to mind his language. They both hold each other’s collar. Savi stops them and asks why are they fighting. Satya says Virat shamelessly gate crashes here. Virat says Satya knew that he would be picking Sai, but he purposefully brought him home. Savi watching their fight tells Virat that there is some misunderstanding. Satya says Savi is also his daughter. Virat shouts what did he say. Sai interferes and tells Virat that Satya didn’t now that he is going to pick Savi from school. Virat shouts not to protect her husband. Sai tells Satya that she forgot to inform him that Savi is going to stay at Chavan nivas for a few days. Amba warns Virat to solve his problems at home and stop visiting them and this is his last visit here. Virat says he doesn’t want to. Savi walks to him with her bags and takes him away. Satya stands fuming.

Precap: Savi informs Virat that Satya is taking Sai on a honeymoon, so Sai sent her to Chavan nivas. Virat calls and tongue lashes Sai. Sai says she is going for a conference instead and Satya doesn’t know about it. Satya gets angry overhearing their conversation.

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