Imlie 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Imlie 3rd February 2024 Written Update by MA

Imlie 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

Bulbul, Shivani, and Karan select wedding lehanga for Imlie. Bulbul and Karan’s nok jhok starts. Imlie misses Ashu. She tells them that she go and speak to Agastya. Shivani says she can’t talk to Agastya before marriage. Imlie says she will go to washroom and excuses herself. Rajni and Govind are busy cooking in a kitchen when Agastya walks in and tries to taste the dish. Rajni stops him and says it’s still raw and let it cook. Agastya gets Imlie’s message that she wants to meet him. He tells them that he will meet Imlie and return. Govind pulls his legs. Agastya walks to Imlie. Imlie draws a curtain between them and speaks to avoid family’s attention. Agastya asks what she important thing she wants to discuss. Imlie says she informed him about her family except one.

Agastya asks who that person. Imlie says he is her first love and enjoys watching Agastya’s jealousy. She finally reveals she is talking about her 7-year-old nephew Ashu who is her dead elder sister’s son and she is bringing him up since his childhood, she had a contract marriage with Agastya to pay for Ashu’s treatment. Agastya asks if she is missing Ashu. She says a lot holding a curtain. She slips. He holds her. Daadi passes by and scolds them that that she warned them not to meet before marriage, but they can’t have some patience. They both apologize and walk away. Agastya thinks he will give Imlie a big surprise by bringing Ashu home for their wedding.

Vishwa meets Ashu at his school as Imlie’s friend. He asks Ashu if he has seen his mother’s pic. Ashu says he always keep his mother’s photo with him and shows photo. Vishwa asks if he doesn’t have his father’s photo. Ashu says Imma never talked about his father. Vishwa shows his parent’s wedding photo and says he knows his father’s family. Ashu gets happy seeing his father’s photo. Vishwa gives him photo and says a man will come to pick him up and he should show this photo to him in front of his whole family. Ashu agrees.

Shivani and Avinash insist Daadi to perform Imlie and Agastya’s haldi ritual before their wedding. Daadi says there is less time left for marriage, forget performing haldi ritual. Imlie walks to them. Shivani asks her to tell Daadi howmuch she loves yellow color and is eager to perform haldi ritual. Imlie nods yes. Daadi gives permission for haldi ritual. Agastya goes to pick up Ashu and is surprised to see that Ashu is the same kid he had met in the hospital. Ashu also identifies him as Kyachu. Agastya asks if he is Imlie’s Ashu. Ashu asks who else is prettier here. Agastya says he came to pick him up. Ashu says he is ready and shows his bags. Agastya asks how does he know that he is coming to pick him up. Ashu says it’s a secret, looking at hiding Vishwa, and asks him to pick his bag. Agastya picks his bag and takes him along. Ashu shows thumbs up to Vishwa. Vishwa calls Navya and says Chaudhry son is heading towards home.

Sonali shows photos to Karan and Shivani and asks if they know these kids as she thinks she has seen them somewhere. They both say even they saw these kids, but don’t know where. Avinash notices pics and thinks how did his and Vishwa’s childhood pics come here. Agastya takes Ashu home. Ashu seeing a big mansion asks if he will be lost in this big mansion. Agastya recalls a similar incident with him and Dhanraj and repeats what Dhanraj did then.

Precap: Imlie pleads Agastya to return home and says she loves him immensely. Agastya says even he loves her immensely. Critically ill daadi takes promise from Agastya to marry some other girl than Imlie.

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