Imlie 8th February 2024 Written Update

Imlie 8th February 2024 Written Update by MA

Imlie 8th February 2024 Written Episode

A bar customer misbehaves with Imlie and says Agastya abandoned her due to her nature and she will get into her senses when Agastya marries a well-cultured family girl. Imlie angrily trashes him. Daadi insists Agastya to abandon Imlie and marry someone else. Agastya refuses. Daadi gets adamant and asks him to promise that he will not marry Imlie whose sister killed Dhanraj and if Imlie returns to this house, she will destroy their family. Imlie takes Ashu to her hut and tells him that soon she will shift him to hostel again. A lawyer visits her and gives her a court notice which reads that she should allow Ashu to meet his father’s family twice a week.

Navya brainwashes masked killer Bhola that she found his father’s killer’s family and he should kill Agastya and Imlie before police catches him. Imlie visits Chaudhry mansion. Rajni asks if she didn’t bring Ashu. Imlie says she already informed her decision to them, any court orders will not change it. Alka yells at Imlie that she is hiding their family’s son from them and she will send Imlie to jail. Rajni stops her. Imlie says she didn’t know Ashu is related to them and never hid him from them, but she will hide the truth from Ashu and protect him from any pain. Rajni promises to never talk about Kairi in front of Ashu. Imlie says she got Ashu to meet them and calls him. Rajni gets happy and takes him in. Ashu insists Imlie to accompany him and holds his hand tightly. Chaudhrys get happy seeing Ashu and pamper him. Imlie asks Jugnu about Agastya. Jugnu says Agastya is not at home. Imlie leaves Chaudhry house but returns realizing she forgot her mobile at home.

Agastya brings a girl named Binni and tells family that she wants to marry her. Imlie feels disheartened seeing that. At the police station, sketch artist draws Bhola’s sketch. Amar identifies Bhola. Vishwa says they need to catch Bhola as soon as possible. Inspector tells Vishwa that Chaudhry family has filed a complaint against him, so he can’t get out of the police station. Agastya introduces Binni to his family and says her father is a school teacher in Purvaiya, they are not rich but dignified people. Family questions Binni if she knows about Agastya. Binni says she likes Agastya’s honesty and Chaudhry family’s respect in the village, she is okay to marry Agastya if they allow to let her continue to work as a teacher. Family agrees. Daadi says she will get them married tonight.

Imlie feels shattered seeing that and slips. Family notices her. Agastya rushes behind Imlie and stops her. Imlie asks if she is going to marry that girl. Agastya says he is but.. Imlie says enough of his explanation, she saw truth today and will attend his wedding for sure. Agastya asks her to listen to him once. Imlie says wanted her to marry Vishwa so that he can move on. She vents her pain out and walks away wishing him happy marriage. Agastya breaks down.

Navya asks Bhola if he is ready to kill Agastya and Imlie. Bhola nods yes. Navya says Agastya and Imlie would be at home today, she will get him in to kill them and see Chaudhry family shattering. At police station, Vishwa says he wants to find out what is Bhola’s relationship with his father. Inspector says he got senior inspector Surya Reddy’s order not to let Vishwa go. Vishwa says he will speak to Surya and will make sure Bhola reveals truth or dies. Imlie gets ready for Agastya’s wedding. Bulbul tells her that she has misunderstood Agastya. Imlie says she wants to see if Agastya will really marry someone else. Bulbul says if he does, Imlie will die. Imlie gets adamant to attend Agastya’s wedding.

Precap: Chaudhrys perform Agastya’s last rites. Daadi blames Imlie. Imlie questions Agastya how can he leave her alone and cries.

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