Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 8th February 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 8th February 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 8th February 2024 Written Episode

Professor Paranjpe asks peon to fix a banner of congratulatory message to newly married couple Ishaan and Reeva in staff room and check if a special lunch she had ordered for the staff had come or not and make sure it’s a surprise for Ishaan and Reeva. Reeva walks in. Paranjpe congratulates her and says she is looking very pretty post-marriage, she and Ishaan look pretty together. She asks her to inform Ishaan to visit staff room before going to lecture as there is a small meeting. She walks away before Reeva could speak.

Savi cleans herself in college’s canteen and her stomach gurgles due to hunger. She drinks water. Ishaan walks to her. Savi says he followed her even here. Ishaan says he is tired of being a lecturer and wants to become her bodyguard, if she wanted to hear this? He says she didn’t have anything at home, so she can have something with him. She says thanks but no thanks. Her stomach gurgles again due to hunger. Ishaan offers her a tomato. She enjoys it. Ishaan says he wants to talk to her. She asks regarding? He saw whatever happened today, he is surprised that she didn’t call and inform him, this wouldn’t have happened if she had called him on time.

Savi says he is right that she should have informed everyone that her husband is a director and she will complain him if anyone troubles her. He cleans her cheek. She says she is a professor and she is a student, she needs to solve her problem by herself, he is her husband outside the college and not here. Ishaan says he can understand her viewpoint, whatever is happening is because of their personal issues, she should inform him if someone taunt or comment on her and not become jansi ki rani by herself. Bell rings. Savi leaves saying she needs to attend class.

Ishaan thinks he needs to inform Yashwant whatever happened here. He calls Yashwant and finds his number unreachable. Reeva informs him that Paranjpe madam has arranged a staff meeting in staff room. Ishaan says let’s go. Shukla walks to staff room and notices staff preparing for a party for newly wedded couple Ishaan and Reeva. He asks professor Sharma to remove all the decoration before Ishaan reaches as Ishaan is married to Savi and not Reeva. Sharma asks if he is drunk in the morning itself. Shukla says there was a big drama in canteen regarding this issue and he is coming from there itself. Professor asks who is Savi. Shukla says final year student. Sharma asks his colleagues to remove all the decoration soon. Paranjpe asks reason. Sharma says Ishaan is married to Savi and not Reeva. Paranjpe says she already congratulated Reeva and Reeva didn’t react. Staff hurriedly hides all the decoration and gifts.

Ishaan with Reeva walks in and asks Sharma what is the agenda of the meeting. Sharma nervously says since Ishaan and Reeva were absent for a few days, they thought of organizing extra classes by them. Ishaan says already extra classes are going on. He tries to leave when the banner falls down. Ishaan notices all the hidden decoration material and gifts and asks colleagues that they shall concentrate on teaching and not all this. He leaves. Paranjpe sits on cake by mistake. Colleagues laugh on her. Paranjpe says her sari is spoilt. Colleague says she is worried about her sari while Reeva’s whole life is spoilt.

Reeva hears that. She walks towards class and hears 2 more colleagues discussing that Reeva is really wronged and she should have guts to see her sautan Savi in her class and teach her. Preeti greets her good morning. Reeva says she is not feeling well and will not take class today. Preeti informs her classmates about it. Durva says Reeva didn’t want to see Savi’s face. Sara says they have to suffer because of Savi. Savi walks away. Durva says she will take Savi’s class at home.

Yashwant calls back Ishaan and asks if he spoke to Savi. Ishaan says yes and she will not create any problem. Yashwant says he doesn’t want any drama before reception. Ishaan recalls canteen incident and says no. Yashwant says he is at home, Ishaan can come and discuss further. Ishaan rushes to inform Savi about Yashwant’s order. Shukla says Savi madam left for home. Ishaan warns him not to call Savi as madam and thinks he should inform Savi before she reaches home.

Precap: Surekha watches canteen video and orders Savi not to get out of the house from tomorrow, she will not let her attend college. Savi says when it’s not her mistake, how can Surekha snatch her dream.

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