Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 30th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 30th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nandu coming to meet Rambhateri in jail. Rambhateri says did you come to give challan being traffic police. Nandu says no, I have come for personal reason. Rambhateri says I m here in jail since 11 years, working here. Nandu says Kaka has sent her here and she wants Rambhatreri to save model town. They laugh on her. Kundan keeps knife at Nandu’s neck. Rambhateri asks him to run away by this chance. He says I thought you will stop me. Rambhateri says be careful, she is from traffic police. Nandu asks what type of woman are you. Rambhateri asks her not to move.

Nani is worried and tells Anjali that model town is unlucky. Rambhateri asks Kundan to take Nandu. Nandu says everyone thought Kaka is mad, today I feel he was really mad to send me to you. Rambhateri asks Kundan not to worry, this girl can’t do anything. She laughs on Nandu to be in police. Nandu gets angry and beats Kundan. Rambhateri smiles. Rambhateri slaps Kundar and scolds him. Kundan asks why did she take him in trust and broke his trust. He says jailer sent you here on my saying, take him.

Nandu apologizes to Rambhateri. She says she got anger by her insult and then she has beaten Kundan, she felt powerful. Rambhateri says when you are with yourself, Lord is with you, go from here before anyone else catches you. Nandu says I came to take you along, I m sure Kaka was right, please you can save Model town. Rambhateri says I don’t know this model town, leave from her. Nandu gets sad.

Raju tells everyone that he will decorate model town, it will celebrate diwali today, Raval comes and says shayari. He says inner darkness does not end by outside light. Raju asks him to say what he wants. Raval asks him not to neglect what is happening here, all those problems. Raju wears his specs and says what all he did for him. He says I don’t find any problem. Raval asks about Raavan here. Raju says I don’t care, I find it cute. Raval says but everyone cares, they are selling houses on low prices and going. Raju says let them go. Raval says but your mum and sisters also live here, this is affecting you also.

Raju says life is not thing to think and live, everyone will forget tonight in diwali, I will make his Raavan as scarecrow, it looks Raavan is affecting you. Raval says he loves model town and worries for everyone. Raju asks everyone to party well and Mishri will do all arrangements. Jaggu gets a call from Rashmi and is glad that everyone wants to sell home. Jaggu meets Raju’s family and says no one wants to come here. He says you can get 40 lakhs, model town lost name. Raju’s mum says its more problematic. Then we will stay here. Jaggu asks her to give ad in newspaper. Rashmi asks him to put ad. Jaggu asks them to give 5000rs to start work. Raju’s mum says I will get cash from ATM.

Nandu does not go and is adamant to take Rambhateri. Rambhateri says you are adamant. Nandu says I m afraid of you, but I love my mum a lot. Rambhateri says I can’t save model town, I m not from municipality. She asks staff to take Nandu. Nandu says Kaka was not bad, why did he take your name, please think, and tells the address. Rambhateri stops and asks the address. She says she was left here 11 years ago, but her roots are there, did you come from there. Nandu says yes. Rambhateri says then its your right to hug me. Nandu runs and hugs her.

Jaggu gets a call and informs his boss that Raju’s mum is asking him to give ad in newspaper. Raju catches him and scolds him that his family should not leave this house, else you will die. Raju’s mum brings the money. Jaggu asks whats the need to go from here. Raju’s mum argues with Raju. She gives Jaggu money, while he denies being afraid of Raju. Raju says once diwali goes well, all this is not needed.

Nandu waits for Rambhateri. Rambhateri packs her bags and comes to her. Nandu gets glad that Rambhateri is coming with her. Rambhateri asks her to wait at the gate. She praises her thin wrists and sends her. Nandu lifts the heavy bag. Rambhateri smiles. Rambhateri gets her jeep. Nandu says its cool. Rambhateri asks will she come along or get this bag later. Nandu and Rambhateri leave. She apologizes and calls her Mayya Mori. She calls her sweet and tough. Rambhateri says I m not one who will be understood, but I will make you understand.

Raju asks Rambhateri to park her car anywhere else. Rambhateri says I m new here, you take keys and park car where you want. Nandu says she got Rambhateri to deal with him.

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