Santoshi Maa 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Santoshi Maa 30th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Santoshi Maa 30th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with a lady stopping a girl and threatening to kill her, as her dad has given all property to his daughter. The people see the shameful thing where a mom has killed daughter for property. A lady asks Lord to do something, what is this Adharm happening. The scene shifts to above clouds, where Narad Muni greets Devis Parvati, Saraswati and Laxmi. Parvati asks why is he worried. He says humans are unsatisfied and they are doing crimes. Saraswati says this is your problem, but we know you have a solution too. Laxmi asks him to say everything.

He says many years ago, you have sent your three Devis ansh as Devi Santoshi to balance humans. All the devis decide to get all their powers and ansh in any Devi, and tells what satisfaction means. A person should be Santosh, else they harm each other. They all make Santoshi Devi once again by their anshs. A baby is shown. All the Devis bless the baby and want the baby to have such satisfaction that human does not have any greed.

Narad Muni asks why are humans ending relations again, when Maa Santoshi is there. Parvati says Maa Santoshi should get such devotee whose heart is pure and selfless, then Maa Santoshi will bless such devotee. Narad Muni says such devotee is not born yet. Parvati says maybe that devotee is born and come infront of us on right time. He asks who can it be and where.

A simple hug house is shown. A man calls Santoshi and Riddhima. Riddhima says I don’t know where is Santoshi, I thought she is with her dad. His wife Riddhima is shown. He asks his mother about Santoshi. Santoshi is shown walking in the lane. Kids say Santoshi has gone out with her treasure box. Santoshi gives all the money to a man and buys birds. She asks the man to free the birds and jumps happily. The little girl waves to the girls. He asks her why does she free the birds, what do you get. Her dad says she gets satisfaction and happiness, its her happiness today, she gives Santoshi Maa a return gift. A man tells her dad Vinayak that Santoshi is like him, he also used to give away his food to others. The man’s wife says its not a great thing. Vinayak’s family is shown. Vinayak’s brother and his wife ask Vinayak why did he not give his tiffin to his brother. Vinayak says his brother had his tiffin, what about poor kids.

Dadi is worried for Santoshi. Santoshi comes home running. Vinayak says she has come. Santoshi smiles. Dadi wishes her happy birthday and hugs her. She blesses her. Santoshi hugs her mum and dad. They bless her and asks her to come in aarti. Santoshi says she will wash her feet and come. Her aunts get jealous seeing Santoshi praised. Tai ji asks her to taste Imli and Santoshi refuses saying its Friday. Santoshi goes with her parents to Santoshi Maa temple. Vinayak says we will pray for you. Santoshi asks why can’t we see devi. All the devis see her and smile. Vinayak sing Apni santoshi maa…………

They all pray in temple. The pandit gives them aarti. Vinayak prays and says we were childless till 5 years of marriage, then by your blessings we got this lovely daughter, whom we names Santoshi, always bless her. He makes her wear Santoshi Maa locket and asks her to pray to Santoshi Maa. Santoshi looks at bells. Vinayak lifts her and she rings the temple bells. The flowers grown in the heavens. Riddhima and Santoshi pray. Maa Santoshi is shown, seeing little Santoshi. All devis and Narad Muni see Maa Santoshi appearing. Maa Santoshi blesses Santoshi. Santoshi sees the lights from the idol. He greets all the Devis happily. He gets worried seeing thundering. He sees Devi Paulvi and greets her. She asks what happened to his mental state. He says you are Devi of jealousy, where you reside, fear and problems are always there. She asks how can he tell this on her face, she is also a Devi, like his Santoshi Maa. He says yes, everyone has you in their hearts on earth. She says she gets angry when her devotee pray to Santoshi. She leaves a small butterfly.

He says human needs satisfaction and you won’t let this happen, then who will pray to Santoshi Maa. Santoshi was falling and Riddhima holds her. Riddhima asks her not to take short cuts. Santoshi says she will remember. Santoshi buys a toy and thanks Vinayak. She buys a balloon. The man asks her to take another one. She says I have one balloon, its enough for me. Narad Muni asks Paulvi to see this girl, she is satisfied, if young generation is satisfied, then elders will also be contend. Paulvi gets angry seeing her. She says if this girl is satisfied then she will ruin her satisfaction. Santoshi dances happily and plays with the kids.

The temple breaks down. Riddhima prays to Santoshi Maa to take care of her daughter. Santoshi’s parents die as the temple breaks. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa.

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