Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 8th August 2019 Written Update

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 8th August 2019 Written Update by H Hasan

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 8th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun asking Pujan Pandey if Suman is not coming and asks him not to take stress and says she will come. Pujan Pandey says Suman has a NGO and her assistant ran away so Suman has to do all the work. He says work comes first for her. Arjun’s mum comes there and asks what is more important for her, work or Arjun? Arjun asks her not to be unreasonable and says we will meet her tomorrow. Pujan Pandey says you have won my heart and asks Servant to take them to guest room. Arjun tells Pujan pandey that Suman is just mine now. Pujan Pandey asks Lakhan to bring her and says he will handle Media. Badal asks Suman why did you come back? Suman says if we can’t live together, then can die together. The goons laugh. One of the goon holds Suman’s hand. Badal says if you touch

her then I will break your hands. The goon says you said right that she shouldn’t have returned. Badal requests them to leave Suman. The goons beat Badal mercilessly. Suman runs to Badal.
Mohan Ram comes to kitchen and asks her to see that milk is boiling. She says it is inauspicious and says she is worried about Badal. Mohan says Badal is matured enough. Chatura says she don’t believe on Pujan Pandey and asks him to bring him back. Mohan Ram asks her to think good about him. Chatura worries that Pujan will harm Badal. She lights the diya and holds it. She prays to God to keep badal fine and not to let anything happen to him. Badal asks goons to leave Suman. Goon says now this guy will see what we do with you. He holds her pallu. Suman says she is Pujan Pandey’s daughter. Goon acts to apologize and says who will tell your father what happened here. He says by the time he reaches here, you will be dead and we will enjoy till then and elope from here. Suman slaps him and says I will kill you. The goon holds her by her hairs and says you are not sati savitri, your house respect is gone, why you are stopping me. He holds her pallu. Badal asks him to free his hand and see real manpower.

Pujan Pandey tells that the guy Badal kidnapped his daughter. Reporter says your daughter said in the video that she went with her wish. Pujan aims gun at him and asks will you publish what I wanted. Reporter gets afraid and says yes. He tells that he wants to convey that Badal made Suman say this on gun point. He says I am worried that he will do something wrong with my daughter and acts to be a worried father. He asks them to believe him and delete the video. He says my daughter’s life will be in problem if you make it viral. The goon says the guy can’t save you and I will not leave you. Badal asks him to leave her. Suman pushes him. The goon asks her to slap him and holds her again. He pushes her. Suman asks him to leave her and apologizes for slapping him. The goon asks her to have a relation with him and pulls her saree. Suman cries. Badal shouts no. Suman applies mud to her body. The goon asks other goons to throw water on her and says she will be more beautiful being wet. Badal gets angry and breaks the rope angrily. He covers Suman with Saree before they throw water on her. The goons are shocked. Suman smiles and cries. Badal turns towards the goons and says I told not to touch her and leave her. He says you saw the tiger tied and tried to hunt. He says I will show you how to hunt. The goon asks his goons to hit him. Badal beats him and the other goons. He makes the goon get up and says you touched my Suman with his hand and breaks his hands. The goon shouts in pain. Suman looks on.

Chatura says I would have protected him if he was here and asks Mohan Ram why did he let him go? She says he don’t have the intelligence to keep friendship with whom. Guddi comes and tells that Suman posted a video. They see Suman pleading for help. Chatura says she will go to meet Pujan Pandey. Mohan Ram says nothing will happen to our son and stops her. His condition worsens. He asks Guddi to call Ashok and Kamal. Badal makes the goon apologize to Suman and hits him. He says you can’t touch any girl, even your wife. He hugs Suman.

Precap: Suman says I did a mistake by making you elope with me. Badal asks what to do, shall we return home. Shashi asks Pujan Pandey if he will bring Suman alive or her dead body..

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