Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi 10th February 2020 Written Update

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi 10th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi 10th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ratnagar thanking the tridevis for giving knowledge to Vaishnavi and tells that he don’t have right word to thanked them. He says he invites them to stay in the palace and let them do their seva. Vaishnavi comes to them and folds her hands. Saraswati says there is no need of thanks and tells that it is good luck to give knowledge to Vaishnavi. She tells that everyone shall get knowledgeable. Devi Parvati tells that it is dharm of every creature to give others what they have, if trees, flower and river are not doing any favor on us by giving us , flowers, smell and water then how can we do favor on others. Ratnagar says you are great. Lakshmi says we feel great to give knowledge to our daughter, then says your daughter. Samrudhi says you can call her your daughter, when she calls you Gurumaa, she is like your daughter. Devi Saraswati asks can I meet vaishnavi for last time. Ratnagar says surely.

Vaishnavi meets them in the garden area. Devi Lakshmi asks her to say whatever she wants and says your words has the power to change the earth. Devi Parvati asks her to her karma. Devi lakshmi thinks they can’t go. Devi Parvati thinks it seems Vaishnavi has caught their pallu. Devi Saraswati thinks something is remaining. They are about to go. Vaishnavi asks them how they can go without giving them darshan. She asks them to give darshan and calls them ass Devi Saraswati, Devi lakshmi and Devi Kaali. They give their darshan to her as Goddesses. Vaishnavi smiles and folds her hands before them. Vaishnavi touches their feet one by one. The tridevis bless her and gives her powers. Brahma dev says now their truth will come out infront of everyone. Narayan says nobody can see their divinity except Vaishnavi.

Samrudhi comes there and couldn’t see the tridevis in their real avatar. Devi Saraswati asks how did you know that we are tridevis. Vaishnavi says when I first saw you, I thought you are special, but didn’t hear my heart. She says when I did meditation. I understand that you are tridevis in reality. She says she is very lucky girl as they have chosen her as their shishya and educated her becoming her Guru maa. Devi lakshmi asks Narayan if they have her permission and tells Vaishnavi that when she identified them, they want to tell her who is she? Devi Parvati tells that she wants to tell her Samudra Manthan story. She says when halahal come out of sagar manthan, then one drop fell in the river. Mahadev takes back the trishul else the world would have destroyed and tells that Kali is saved now. The tridevis created a power altogether.

Vaishnavi asks why you are telling me? Devi Lakshmi says we have created you. Vaishnavi is shocked. They all bless Vaishnavi. Narayan says Maa Vaishno Devi’s temple will be build there in future. Vaishnavi finds herself in the swarg lok. She sees the Gods and Goddesses and says I have seen you before. Mahadev says we all are related by Adishakti. He says you have to use your powers wisely and calls her jag janani maa vaishno devi. Shera wali plays….Vaishnavi becomes Goddess infront of them. Jai Maa….Mahadev says your birth purpose will be met now. They are back in the garden. Devi Lakshmi asks her to let them leave. Vaishnavi says I have many questions. Devi Parvati says we will meet often. They ask her not to let anyone know about their truth. Devi Parvati says Devi Saraswati gave you Veena, Devi Lakshmi gave you Akshaya Patra and asks what shall I give. Vaishnavi says whatever you gave you is not less than a gift. Devi Parvati says one gift is remaining and gifts her a box. Vaishnavi takes it. Devi Parvati asks her to open it in her room. They come in commoner’s clothes and leave from there. Vaishnavi thinks what is inside the box. He box starts shaking.

Precap: Vaishnavi opens the box and finds cub inside.

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