Jhanak 5th June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 5th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 5th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anirudh asking what are you saying. Inspector asks him to come to Tejas’ house in the evening. Anirudh asks the time. Inspector says 5pm. Anirudh says save her, promise me, she is in danger. Inspector says we can’t do anything if she denies it. Anirudh says she isn’t able to say, she is scared. Inspector says we are not fools. He ends the call. Shrishti talks to Bharat on call. She says Jhanak is under Tejas’ control, I told him that Jhanak shouldn’t come back. He says you don’t know the news, I will send the link, watch the big news.

She asks what’s the news, tell me first. He says Arshi is calling, I will take her on concall. Arshi asks him what happened, did Anirudh reach there. Shrishti says no, its about Jhanak. Arshi asks what’s the matter. Bharat says Tejas is smart, he has changed the entire story, he has joined politics also. Shrishti says I don’t understand what you are saying. He says Tejas has announced his marriage with Jhanak, and Jhanak has agreed, the marriage is fixed, he invited me too. Shrishti asks did Jhanak say this, its good news. Bharat says Jhanak is going to become a big politician’s wife now, Tejas will take her responsibility. Arshi and Shrishti get happy. He asks about Anirudh. Arshi says he has gone to Delhi on a work trip, I spoke to his boss, the Ashirwad ceremony got cancelled because of his leaving. Anirudh checks-in to a hotel. He asks for a newspaper. thinks is there any bad news about Jhanak. He gets scared. He thinks I will talk to Rahul and save Jhanak, I will do whatever I can. Jhanak gets ready as the bride.

Jhanak recalls how Anirudh saved her from Tejas the last time. Anirudh checks the newspaper. He gets shocked reading the news. He gets shaken. The lady asks him to sit. He asks the man to show the room. He checks the news link and sees Jhanak’s statement to the media. He shouts this can’t happen, I don’t believe this. The lady asks are you fine, shall I call the doctor. Anirudh says sorry. He goes to the room. Arshi says I won’t send the link to Anirudh, else he will go there from Delhi. Vinayak comes and talks to Bharat. Bharat gives the news of Tejas and Jhanak’s marriage. Vinayak asks what. Arshi says yes, its true, Jhanak is greedy, she has shown her true colours. Bharat says yes, she felt Anirudh will keep her as a queen, this didn’t happen so she agreed to marry Tejas. Vinayak says she has gone to give exams. Bharat says you are simple, she has come here to marry Tejas. Vinayak says I can’t believe it. Arshi says I will show you the link, she has announced the marriage. Vinayak praises Urvashi. He asks Arshi not to get happy if bad is happening with Jhanak. Arshi says she wanted to do this. He says she would have never cancelled her wedding with Tejas.

Bharat says Tejas is now a politician. Vinayak says I don’t want to understand this. He asks Arshi not to get happy, Karma always comes back, if you laugh at someone’s bad, then you can never stay happy in your life. Arshi says its not my fault, Jhanak has ruined my life, she chose a rich and powerful man now. He asks her to use her mind, why will Jhanak decide this suddenly, think about it. He leaves. Bharat says he thinks a lot about Jhanak. Arshi says I m very happy, I will go and give this good news to Anirudh’s family, I want all the details. Bharat says I will make a video call from there. She says it will be fun to watch her wedding. Bharat says I know everything, she has troubled you a lot, now she has got sense about life. He ends the call.

Arshi says mom, I know, what you would do if you were here, I will go to Anirudh’s house and give this good news, Jhanak is so disgusting, let Ani come, I will tell him and his faith on her will end, I have no problem now. She sees her inner self asking her to wait till the marriage happens, then celebrate. Tejas asks the men to check the security and arrangements. He greets the pandit. He says you know this day has come after a lot of time, just pray. Pandit blesses him. Tejas asks the lady to keep a watch on Jhanak. He recalls what happened last time. He compliments himself and says it will happen what I want.

Arshi comes to meet Tanuja and Bipasha. They have a talk. Arshi says I have a good news, mom wanted me to give this news to you all, if Shubh has gone out for some work, then its okay, you can tell them. Bipasha says he just left. Tanuja says he will be glad to know that you have come. Bipasha calls Shubh. Anirudh calls the inspector. Inspector asks did you see the news. Anirudh says you said you will go there. Inspector says yes, Tejas invited us, you don’t get involved in all this. Anirudh says no, I feel she is under pressure. Inspector says she didn’t decide it in helplessness, she didn’t protest, you said she is brave and a fighter. Tanuja asks is the news about Jhanak. Arshi says yes, what else do we have in our lives, she has gone away, we got a good news. Tanuja asks is she with Tejas. Arshi says yes, Jhanak is marrying Tejas, Bharat called and informed, Tejas has organized a press meet, she said she is marrying Tejas by her happiness and consent. They smile. Inspector says you didn’t know her well. Anirudh says I want to go there and find out why is she doing this. Inspector says we don’t have much time for this. Anirudh argues with him and thinks was everything a lie, Jhanak and my moments…. He thinks of her.

Tejas comes to meet Jhanak. Pandit ji comes and does the aarti. Inspector says trust our experience, we meet many people every day, we have seen Jhanak, I m sure she has decided to marry. Anirudh cries. Inspector says your marriage is fixed, go back home, you don’t need to do anything. Anirudh says no, I can’t go without meeting her, let me try till the last, I know her, she can’t break my trust. Inspector says you still trust her, amazing. Anirudh says you don’t need to understand this, you don’t know me and her, can we go an hour ago. Inspector agrees. Anirudh thanks him. Pandit ji leaves. Tejas compliments Jhanak. He asks her not to worry, he won’t do anything, but I won’t stop after marriage, how long will I wait.

Anirudh meets Rahul and asks him to try and save Jhanak. Anirudh goes to Jhanak and says you lied to me. Tejas threatens him and points the gun at him.

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