Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th June 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th June 2024 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th June 2024 Written Episode

Aditya asks Mahima to take any liquid and throw it on the bathroom door step, until Kashvi is in the bathroom, and leave from there before anyone sees her. Mahima does the work and thinks to ask Aditya what is in his mind. Aditya comes out and says his phone battery is low, and don’t know where he has kept the charger. Arjun says he will bring his charger and goes to his room. Mahima comes to Aditya why you asked me to drop the liquid, and removed the towels from the bathroom. Aditya shares his plan to make Arjun fall down on the liquid while trying to give towel to Kashvi, and then the latter will come out wrapping herself with towel hearing Arjun’s shout. Mahima says our plan is to separate them and not to bring them closer. Aditya tells that when Karun sees Kashvi and Arjun together, then he will get angry thinking she came to stay here for Arjun and might ask her to leave. Mahima likes his plan. Aditya says Kashvi might herself leave. Mahima says amazing plan, I will send Karun to room. Arjun comes to room and takes the charger. Kashvi asks for towel calling Mahima. Arjun thinks Kashvi in my bathroom.

Mahima comes to Karun and asks him to bring her phone from room. Karun says ok and goes. Arjun tells that nobody is in the room and says he will give her towel. Kashvi opens the bathroom door, she sees liquid and asks him to throw towel from far. Arjun throws towel at Kashvi. Kashvi catches it. karun is going to room, when Micky and Keval bring Romila there. Karun runs to Romila and hugs her. Mahima signs Aditya that their plan failed. Romila says she is feeling good to be back home. Mahima makes bad faces seeing her burns. She asks Mahima to hug her. Mahima says she will hug her some other time. Kashvi comes there and hugs her. Micky tells that Romila’s room shall be cleaned and ointment shall be applied on her body 3-4 times a day. Kashvi says we will do. Mahima says her burns marks is strange, I can’t do it. Kashvi says no problem, I will do it.

Arjun tells Romila that he has become Civil Service officer and today is the award ceremony as he caught the drug mafia in his first case. He asks Romila to come. Romila says I can’t come, but my blessings will be with you always. Isha says I will stay at home with her.

They all come to the award ceremony. Kashvi comes there. Arjun says you are looking very beautiful. Arjun’s colleagues come there and congrat Arjun. Arjun gives the credit to Kashvi for helping him. Mahima and Karun come and stand with Arjun. Kashvi goes.

Raunaq Sir tells that Drug Mafia Kamal is caught by our officer and all the drugs were seized. He appreciates the officer and calls Kashvi on the stage. He says we are honouring Kashvi for this extra ordinary work. Arjun is shocked. Kashvi receives the award. Arjun tells Jagdish that it is unfair, I shall get the award. Kashvi takes the award and thanks everyone for coming, and says this case was very difficult, thanks for acknowledging my contribution. She gets down the stage. Arjun takes Kashvi from there and asks why did you do this, why you have taken all the credit for my work, since when you have become selfish. Kashvi asks what you are saying? Arjun says why you said Raunaq Sir that you have seized the drugs. Kashvi says I had seized the drugs. They both argue. Arjun says he worked hard on the case and was shot also, and says if you had not send me to hospital then I would have caught Viraj and the drugs. He asks if it was her plan to take his credit and says he can’t believe that she can stoop so low. He says all the world can betray me, but not my Kashvi. He says you have betrayed me, I will not call you my Kashu. He says you forgot your love for some praises. Kashvi asks why do you think that others can’t be capable and says I have caught him using my capability, and says your mission was completed with my contribution. Arjun says you have ended everything at once. He says you have broken the trust, so leave the love. Kashvi says love can’t happen without trust. She goes with tears in her eyes. Yaar bedarde ya plays….Arjun tells Jagdish that he is leaving. He leaves. Micky goes behind him. Mahima and Aditya get happy. He says the way they were fighting, we can’t do it even after planning, cheers to us.

Kashvi comes home with Aditya. Mahima blames her. Kashvi asks her to stop it and asks why you all don’t understand the basic thing that I had caught Viraj and seized all the drugs, else they would have to leave Kamal, and says Raunaq Sir understood this and gave me award, and asks why shall I contradict my boss. She says why shall I back off? Mahima says this is your reality, you are selfish girl who thinks about herself, just acts to be good. She says you did this to snatch his limelight when you claim that you love him. Kashvi says I don’t mix my professional and personal life and asks if I shall compromise just because I am a woman. Arjun comes there and claps. He congrats her. Mahima and Aditya looks surprised.. Arjun says love doesn’t look good on my mouth, you can’t understand and can never love. He says you have backstabbed me, gave my life’s biggest betrayal and I can’t forget it.

Precap: Jagdish tells Kashvi that Arjun was shot it for this mission. Kashvi asks if you had questioned if there is some other officer on my place. Mahima throws plate at the dining plate. Aditya asks Kashvi to go and say sorry to Arjun. He sends her there. Kashvi goes there and sees Arjun and Mahima sleeping together. She thinks to reconsider her decision again.

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