Jhanak 7th February 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 7th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 7th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anjana saying mum and dad shouldn’t know about it, they have high bp. Shubh asks Bipasha how does she know. She says police. Tanuja says this happened because of Jhanak. Bablu comes and asks about Anirudh. He says I have raised him, I have a right to ask. Bipasha says he met with an accident, you have spoilt him, he is taken to the hospital, his condition is serious. Shubh says don’t worry Tanuja. Bipasha says how will I tell this to Arshi. Tanuja worries. Anjana says don’t say anything bad. Shubh hugs Tanuja. Inspector says its an accident case, take him, its emergency, I spoke to his family, they will be coming. The girl says take him to OT. Appu asks what happened to Anirudh. Rumi says don’t say anything. Mimi says take us along. Shubh says don’t anger me. Bablu says Anirudh will be fine. Lal says we have no time, come. Tanuja says I want to see my son. Anjana says nothing will happen to him. Tanuja scolds her. Appu asks what happened, tell me. Shubh scolds her. Jhanak sees Tejas. The man says bus will stop here for 10 mins, have food and tea, next stop is far. Jhanak says I have to go to washroom. Tejas asks her to come. She says I have to change clothes. He says no need, you look beautiful, come. They get down the bus. He says time is less. She asks where is the washroom. The man says that side. She thanks him. Tejas says you have 10 mins, come back soon, will you have tea. She says I don’t like. He says I will order cold drink, your mind will stay cool. She runs. Bipasha says Jhanak is bad luck. Tanuja says promise me, Anirudh will get fine. Shubh says I m there, I won’t let anything happen to him, I should have stopped him, he didn’t sleep all the night, he was tired. Bipasha says I will inform Arshi. Bablu says I should be there. Bipasha asks why, you have no money, you can’t talk to the doctor well, its serious situation, I don’t think you can help him. Anjana scolds her.

She asks Bablu to go by bus. Bablu says you are right, I thought…. Anyways I will come. He scolds Lal. Tanuja says please stop it, Appu always troubles but she is fine, my son… Bablu says you know Appu is ill, we don’t have much time, she will leave us one day, doctors told us, you know it. Shubh says you just care for yourself. Appu asks what, I won’t live for long. Jhanak tries to stop someone. She says I have to reach the hospital, where shall I go. She stops a man and asks about Kusumpur. The man asks her to get a local bus. She says I have to go now, else Tejas won’t leave me. Bipasha calls Arshi. Arshi asks did Anirudh come home. Bipasha says Anirudh met with an accident. Arshi asks what, where is he. Bipasha tells her everything. Arshi cries and says this happened because of Jhanak. Chotan comes and asks about Anirudh. Inspector says he was riding the bike in speed, we will handover and go once his family comes. Doctor comes and asks about Anirudh’s family. Chotan says I m here. Inspector says he is Anirudh’s uncle. They ask is Anirudh alive. Doctor gets silent. Tanuja says I m tense. Shubh says nothing will happen. He hugs Rumi and Mami. Tanuja says I will get Jhanak arrested.
They leave. Shrishti asks what happened, Arshi, stop crying. Arshi says Anirudh met with an accident, we have to go to hospital, he is serious, don’t know he is alive or… mom, will he come back to me, will he get fine. Shrishti says yes, I will talk to Vinayak. Arshi says we don’t have time, please come. Appu says make us talk to Anirudh. Bablu goes. The bus conductor asks for money. Jhanak says I don’t have money. He asks her to get down the bus. She says I will not sit but stand, but please drop me. He scolds her. The man says I will pay for her ticket.

Tejas stops the bus. He asks about Jhanak. Jhanak hides her face. Doctor says Anirudh’s life is in danger, we have to do a complicated surgery.

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