Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th February 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th February 2024 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th February 2024 Written Episode

Arjun says Nisha ji, you don’t need to be scared, you shall tell everything to Kashvi, how this guy tortures you and keeps you. Adi says you have gone really mad. Kashvi asks what you are doing here, you was going to mall, if this is a mall. Adi says you both was following me, and says you trusted him and not me, I can’t believe that you are believing Arjun. Arjun says this is mall, where you are shopping with your mother. Kashvi asks who is Nisha? Arjun says Nisha is the woman whom he has hidden from everyone. He goes to the lady and finds her to be someone else. Adi says it is enough of Nisha, I didn’t know her. He asks the lady to tell her name. The lady says she is Anu Zaveri. Kashvi asks why did you come here? Adi says she is a jewellery desiger, and I asked her to make special necklace ready for you, so that I can give you surprise gift. The lady says so you are Kashvi, finally we met, and says Aditya ji loves you so much and wants to gift you exclusive gift. She says I hope you will like this necklace. Adi shows the necklace and says I lied for this. Kashvi says it is beautiful. Adi says I never thought you will take the surprise this way, and Arjun has ruined it. Kashvi says sorry to Adi, and scolds Arjun for spoiling everything.

She tells Arjun that she came here to clear his misunderstanding and to prove him wrong. She then tells Adi that when he lied to her, she doubted him. She says you lied that you are shopping with your mother, and that’s why I doubted on you, and asks him to forgive her. She tells Kashvi that he has made many stories and created much misunderstanding, it is enough. Arjun says it is truth. Adi tells that he was talking to Anu on call, and says you heard it and doubted me. He regrets not to rusticate him that day when Minister said. He says nobody is dared to accuse his character and says he is silent just for Kashvi. He asks why you are jealous of me. Arjun tries to defend himself. Kashvi says enough, tomorrow is Adi and my marriage and you are not invited there, as I know that you will do some drama there, and that’s why you will stay away from me, my would be husband and marriage functions. She goes to Adi and holds his hand. Arjun looks upset.

Romila asks Mahima what she will wear for Kashvi’s marriage. Mahima says whatever I wear, it will be mind blowing. She sees Arjun and tells that they shall twin their clothes for their marriage. Arjun asks what is all this. He goes from there and thinks to talk to Anu Zaveri.

Kashvi shows the necklace to Dadi and says Adi gifted her this. Dadi says you will be very happy. Someone knocks on the door. Kashvi thinks I will be happy, but what about him, and thinks if she has no right to be happy. The girl asks Kashvi to come and get ready. Arjun comes to Anu Zaveri’s house, and tells that he wants to talk to her. The guard ask who? Arjun says jewellery designer Anu Zaveri. The guard says this is not jewellery designer’s house, but NRI’s house and it is vacant since 6 months. Arjun asks him to call the watchman who was there yesterday. The guard says he didn’t know, as he was on off yesterday. Arjun realizes that Adi uses vacant houses and thinks to expose him.

Kashvi gets ready for marriage. Dadi gets happy and emotional to see her. Kashvi asks her not to cry else she will also cry and her makeup will be spoiled. Adi brings his baraat. Dadi and Jagdish welcome them. Mahima applies tilak to Adi. Dadi asks them to come. Adi comes and sits for the marriage. Jagdish asks Mahima about Arjun. Mahima says he didn’t want to come. Karun asks why dad didn’t come? Jagdish thinks he couldn’t see Kashvi marrying someone else. He tells Karun that he must be busy in office work. Romila tells Mahima that it is good that Arjun is not here, and says no drama will happen and this marriage will happen. Mahima says I just hope that Kashvi’s marriage is done fast.

Arjun thinks to go inside the house, as this is the same house, where Adi was with Anu. He feels that Nisha and Vansh are kept captive inside. He finds one of the window open and goes inside. He checks in the rooms and comes to the last room. Nisha is tied while Vansh is sleeping. Arjun breaks the door and comes inside. He unties her hand. Nisha asks him to save them before he comes here. Arjun says your husband will not come here so soon, as he is busy in his marriage. Nisha says how can this happen, I am his wife. Arjun says Adi is a big cheat and has hidden from the girl about you and Vansh. He says I need your help to stop the marriage.

Kashvi comes to the marriage altar. Adi says he never saw such a beautiful bride before. Pandit ji asks them to exchange garlands. Adi and Kashvi exchange garlands. Romila and Mahima look at each other and smiles. Pandit ji asks Adi and Kashvi to sit for the other rituals. Arjun is on the way to reach there, with Nisha and Vansh.

Precap: Kashvi and Adi are taking rounds, when Arjun comes there and shouts that this marriage can’t happen. He tells Kashvi that he has brought Adi’s wife and son here. Nisha tells Kashvi that he is her husband and has ruined her life. Kashvi asks Adi if he wanted to ruin her life and tells Adi that he will be punished for his doings. Inspector arrests Adi and takes him from there.

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