Jhanak 7th July 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 7th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 7th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jhanak saying talk to me well, the blame isn’t proved, do you have any proof. Inspector says I will give proof and put attempt to murder charge. The lady inspector asks her to just answer, than lecture. Jhanak says I didn’t do anything. Inspector says no criminal confesses the crime. He asks the lady can your team get her confession. The lady says give me a chance. He questions Jhanak about Arshi. She says she is my cousin, we have no problem. He says there is some enmity because of Anirudh, what relation do you have with him.

She says nothing, he gave me a place to live in his house by pity. She argues with them. He says you are talking a lot, you are increasing problems for yourself. She says I can’t give you an answer about Anirudh. He says forget it, why are you living in his house instead of Shrishti’s house. She says Shrishti didn’t get me to Kolkata, Anirudh saved me and got me home. He asks didn’t your Maasi call you. Jhanak says maybe once. Appu says Jhanak might be scared at the police station. Lalon comes. She stops him. She says I want to go out, don’t you know what happened there. He says yes, fire incident happened. She says police took Jhanak, I m going to police station to get her, don’t tell anyone, they don’t know. He asks will you go alone. She says please don’t tell anyone. He says fine, how did you like the chocolate, do you want it today. She says yes but mum asked me not to ask you for chocolate, do you have it. He gives her chocolates and says I keep it for the kids. She says I don’t want it, I m not a kid, I m big strong girl, I m ill, so I look young, I forget, I m silly. He asks what illness, anyways, I won’t come here again. He gives her more chocolates. She says you are very nice. He says thanks, I will give you more chocolates if we meet again. She says I don’t go out, how will you meet me. He thinks its good she forgot to go out. He says yes, I will go to pray to Bhole Baba, we all go there, sing and dance. She says I will also come. He says no, who will permit you, you can’t walk a long distance. She says I wish I stayed in a locality. She cries.

Jhanak says Maasi asked me to stay with her, Anirudh refused, our relation is formal. Inspector asks her qualifications. She says I m a graduate from Srinagar, I went to give exams. The lady asks why did you come back. Inspector says it was her plan, who took you there. Jhanak says I went alone, then the entire family came there, I fell into trouble, Anirudh got to know this and came there to save me, his family came there. Lalon laughs and says you want to stay there to pray to Baba. She says yes, don’t people live there. He says go inside, I will go and get my payment. She says I will go to police station to save Jhanak, then I will come with you to worship Shiv ji. He says go inside and wait, car will come late. She asks why. He says there is much traffic jam. She asks him to take her along to Shiv ji. He says no, your family will file case on you. She says I will tell them you are a nice guy and I insisted you to take me. He says you ask Choton to take you. She says I m strong, I can walk, I will eat chocolate and walk again. He says you can’t walk long. She returns the chocolates and asks him to go. He says keep it, don’t get angry. She asks will you take me along. He says yes. She says promise me. He says promise. She says if you don’t take me then I will go alone.

She says my parents don’t have money so I don’t go out, no one takes me out, you are nice, you take me. He thinks she is simple girl. He says I will take your family’s permission and take you. She asks will you show me your locality, I want to see it. He says I will ask Choton to come along, he doesn’t hate locality people, he is a nice man. She says I don’t hate you, eat this toffee. He says if you were okay then you would have hated the locality people, you are simple, locality and bungalow are equal for you, you have a big heart, I will pray for your happiness. He smiles and eats the toffee.

Shrishti calls the lady inspector and says Jhanak has ruined Arshi’s life, career and marriage, don’t spare her. The lady says don’t worry, its not easy to break Jhanak. Shrishti says I don’t know how she gets courage. The lady says we have to call Anirudh for interrogation. Shrishti asks why, he isn’t at fault, he wanted to marry Arshi, my complaint is against Jhanak, is my demand for justice wrong. The lady says no, don’t worry, I will update you. Anirudh comes home. Appu comes and says come with me, police arrested Jhanak, she didn’t eat anything since morning, if she dies then no one will love me. Lal asks Appu to go to her room. Anirudh gets worried. Shubh asks Anjana to send Appu inside. Anjana says Appu didn’t say wrong. Anirudh asks is this true, did police arrest Jhanak. Tanuja says yes, she has burnt Arshi, Shrishti filed the complaint and police took Jhanak for interrogation. Jhanak says you are blaming me, you have no proof against me, you might be having a daughter like me, if she was blamed like this, then what would you say, won’t you ask for proof, you investigate, if you get a proof against me, then ask me. Inspector says circumstances and evidences also matter. She says I will accept the punishment if you prove it, there is no recording. Anirudh says Arshi is scared, she is in trauma. Bipasha says her career is at stake because of Jhanak. Anjana says she got much insulted, she didn’t even have food. Shubh asks her to stop nonsense. She says I always keep quiet, I will say it now, police took Jhanak without any proof. The lady says video recording might be there. Inspector says yes, check cctv footage. Choton and Mrinalini come to the videographer and ask for the footage. Bittu says yes, its there. Mrinalini says give us the last part. Choton says fire caught up, we want to see if it was an accident or not, no one will ask you anything. Bittu asks them to see. Anjana says Shrishti has misused her power, she blamed Jhanak, Bablu has gone to the police station. Anirudh asks what. Anjana asks who else will go there. Mrinalini asks Bittu to start the video since the fire incident part. Bittu gets a call and goes. They see the footage. Anirudh says if Jhanak did this and gets proved then I won’t support her, she should get punished.

Mrinalini says you have kept her here for hours, you can’t keep her, her blame isn’t proved. Anirudh says if Jhanak did the crime then she should get punished, Arshi’s feet got burnt, don’t know she can recover or not..

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