Anupamaa 7th July 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa 7th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Anupamaa 7th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the kids giving their pillows and toys to Aadhya and asks her to drink juice. Aadhya thanks them. Ansh massages her head. Aadhya says no. The kids sing lullaby for her and make her sleep. Aadhya sleeps. She gets the flashes of Anupama’s love confession and wakes up, saying she is not feeling good. Anupama asks Kinjal about Vanraj. Kinjal says he is still upset and asks her to take off bad sight from Dimpy and Titu, and says they are looking good. Anupama says they shall not get anyone’s bad sight and says she will take off bad sight from them. Anuj brings medicines for Aadhya and gives to Anupama. He offers help, but Anupama says she will do. Kinjal tells Anupama that whatever happening is done by Kanha ji, and he wants you both to unite, now he made Shruti say, what you need. She hugs her and says whatever you wanted, just happened, and asks her not to feel guilty and says only the lucky person gets the second chance in first love.

Toshu and Pakhi are happy that they will get one flat each. They plan to buy the cars. Pakhi says she will go to Dubai and will give her flat on rent. Toshu asks where you will stay? She says she will stay in Papa’s flat, and tells that if she stays in her flat then she has to do work, but she don’t want to. She says if she stays in Papa’s flat then she don’t need to do anything and she will get everything ready. He asks her not to come to his flat as he don’t want Kinjal and his argument. She says she will not come and asks him to come to Papa’s flat to meet them. She says she had married Adhik to have luxurious life, but he was useless. Just then crow makes caw caw sound, and Pakhi and Toshu get worried, thinking Anupama will hinder their plans.

Titu comes to Aadhya with the kids and sing the song. He then offers Aadhya to dance with him in the reality show. Aadhya is about to agree, but she sees Anupama standing and tells that she wants to go to the US at the earliest and has to make everything fine, and make their relation fine with her, whoever thinks whatsoever but my mother will be just Shru. Anupama goes from there. Kinjal tells Dimpy and Kavya that she was pushing her to marry Anuj, but Aadhya’s words will make her back off. Dimpy says don’t know why she is not seeing their happiness. Kavya says she is hindering their love and tells that she just wants to slap her and make her realize her mistake. Anupama cries. Anuj stands looking at her.

Vanraj talks to the builder, who asks him to decide fast. He gives him cheque and asks him to decide. Vanraj says ok.Anuj looks at the letter. Song plays…..He throws the paper on the floor. Anupama picks it and reads his letter, in which he has written, I am sorry Anu, I will not talk to you as you refused, and says I understand your pain, fear and guilt and that’s why I request you to think about your happiness, you had given enough sacrifice, think about yourself. Anuj goes from there. Anupama comes and sees Vanraj sitting. Vanraj says Anuj is not here, I have come to talk to you, your parrot and mayna’s story was going on, that’s why I stopped. He says I want to come to the point and says I want to talk regarding the Shah house.

Later in the night, Babu ji wakes up. Baa asks if you are not fine, shall I call Vanraj. Babu ji says I will take churan and will be fine. Anupama asks him to come to the point. Vanraj says the same thing about the tower on this land, and says it will be beneficial for our kids. She says she has no problem if Baa and Babu ji agrees. He says he had talked to them already and says he has taken 51 lakhs rs cheque advance from the builder. He asks her to sign on the NOC. He says I know you are having self respect and will not want any share. He says you are half owner of spice and chutney and can open its branch here, if you want a flat then I will get it at a less price. He says we will get 4 flats, one flat is for Toshu, one for Pakhi, don’t know if Titu will take up Dimpy and Ansh responsibility, and Baa and Babu ji are God for me. He says until when I will work, if anything happens to me then who will take up their responsibility, and builder will give much money along with flats, and it will be good for us. He asks her to check the NOC and sign on it.

Anupama asks if Babu ji knows that you have taken 51 lakhs advance from Babu ji. Anupama asks if you have told Babu ji that you have taken advance from builder. He says I will tell. Anupama says for me, their happiness and agreement matters. Vanraj asks if it doesn’t matter to me. They hear the sound and sees Babu ji standing and hearing them. Anupama asks if you didn’t sleep, it is late night. Babu ji says he has forgotten churan and came to get it. He goes. Vanraj asks Anupama to sign and end the matter. Anupama says I will talk to Babu ji in the morning and if he agrees, then I will sign else no. Vanraj gets angry.

Anupama looks at Aadhya and thinks it is good that her fever has lowered. She keeps her head on her head. Aadhya takes Shruti’s name in sleep and says I miss you, come back. Anupama cries and gets up to go, and sees Anuj standing.

Precap: Anupama finds Baa and Babu ji went from home. Aadhya asks Anuj if he don’t want to return. Anuj asks Vanraj to come with him, else he will repent much.

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