Jhanak 8th June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 8th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 8th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anirudh and Jhanak coming to the hotel with the police. He thinks I can feel your pain, sorry, I wasn’t with you when you were in trouble. They have a talk via their hearts. Vinayak asks how can Anirudh do this, does he get so powerful that he stopped Tejas’ wedding. Shrishti asks Bharat to tell her in detail. Arshi asks Bharat to talk to her. Bharat says just come here with Shrishti, I will show them how to play this game, Anirudh stopped the wedding, he asked Jhanak if she wants to marry Tejas, she changed her statement in front of police and media, she said she was kidnapped, police gave her protection, she will stay in hotel and go to give her exams, police will ask her where she will go. Jhanak goes to the room. Anirudh talks to the inspector and asks him to handle everything. He says arrest Tejas. Inspector says its not in our control, don’t worry, Jhanak will give her exams well, Ghosh will get transfer, we can’t say if the new officer will protect her, she shouldn’t be here, even her Mama isn’t on her side. Bharat says you don’t have Anirudh in your control, its not right to listen to him always, come here. Arshi asks shall I see them together. He says I will get you and Anirudh married tomorrow, then go to Kolkata and celebrate. Shrishti and Vinayak look on. Inspector says Tejas can do anything if he wins the elections, Jhanak will have a big problem, take her away from Srinagar. Anirudh says she has to become a big name. Shrishti says I won’t get Arshi married to Anirudh. Bharat says I will get them married in the temple, come tomorrow, we shall talk. Shrishti agrees. She asks Arshi to check flight tickets and book it. Arshi says I can’t do this. Shrishti says you have to do it, I can’t let you lose to Jhanak. Inspector says I don’t know about Ghosh. Anirudh asks why. Inspector says we get helpless in some cases. Anirudh says I spoke to him, he said he will support me. Inspector says even SP sir is shifted to other dept, it was challenging for Ghosh to support Jhanak, Tejas is powerful, police will be posted in the college campus, its not safe for you and Jhanak to go out of the hotel. Anirudh asks him to make arrangements of Jhanak’s return, Tejas can kidnap her again. Inspector says our team will take care, we will go now. Anirudh thanks him for doing a lot for Jhanak. Inspector says she is all alone, she has no family. Anirudh says so I have come here. Inspector says you are with her, just you came to save her, you knew she is saying the truth, you know her well, inform me if there is any problem. Anirudh says sure, thanks. Inspector leaves.

Shrishti argues with Vinayak about Anirudh and Jhanak. Arshi asks him not to come with them. She says you always take Jhanak’s side. Shrishti says there are no flights for tomorrow. Arshi asks what can we do now. Shrishti says book the available flight. Arshi books the flight tickets. She says Anirudh won’t call me, he knows Bharat got to know everything and Bharat will inform us, I m not interested in talking to him, we should go and tell everything to his family, he is a big liar.

Jhanak says Bharat has seen everything, he will tell everything to Shrishti and Arshi, it will be a big problem. Anirudh says this isn’t imp for me, you got so decked up for the wedding, and for the very first time, you weren’t looking good, its right that you removed the jewellery, we will return it to Tejas. She says I didn’t want to call you here and become a burden on you. He says its your duty to inform me your problems. Shrishti says Anirudh has lied to Arshi. Vinayak says then don’t get Arshi married to him. Shrishti says Arshi has given many years to this relation, I won’t break this marriage. She asks Arshi to pack her bags and take the bridal dress along. Anirudh says I hate this, don’t test my patience. Jhanak says I told the truth. He asks what’s the truth. She says Arshi and you will get married in a few days, I thought not to disturb you, I want your happiness with Arshi, I didn’t know Tejas will kidnap me. Anirudh says Tejas threatened you about my life, isn’t your life valuable. She says my life isn’t imp than yours.

He asks really. She says yes, nothing is imp to me than your life. He asks why. She says forget it, I want to take some rest, I m feeling unwell. He says anyways, you didn’t meet Rahul, I met him. She asks how is he, he didn’t meet me. He says you get happy hearing his name. She says yes, he is my best friend. He says you love him a lot. She says he also loves me a lot. He says I know, he told me the same, he was upset with your wedding news. She says he would have never imagined that I will agree to marry Tejas. He says you value my life as I have saved your life and supported you. She thinks I can’t tell you the truth. She says yes, you have always saved my life, this life is given by you, if you fall in danger then how could I stay quiet. He asks would you marry Tejas for that. She says yes, you had seen it. He says I have seen it, I would have died happily to stop that marriage. She says I would have ended my life. He says that way you could have saved your respect. She says yes. He says stop playing with your life, I have to arrange something good for you, I will tell you later. She says you are deciding my life’s direction, tell me about it. He says you will be happy and say thanks to me for that. She says fine, we will talk tomorrow. He says I can’t leave you alone and go, I will be here, I have some work, you don’t need to know everything, its imp for both of us. She asks will you stay here. He says yes. She says Bharat knows it, he would have informed Arshi, she can come here. He says it will be good if she comes here. She says yes, you won’t have any problem, you already had prewedding honeymoon plans in Kashmir. He asks do you want to have food. She says no. He asks why does your eyes look so pale, do you have fever. He checks her body temp and says you are suffering from high fever, you should have told me before, you have to get fine, you need to do some big work tomorrow. She says I can’t file a report against Tejas. He says I will be with you, we have no security today. She says don’t worry so much for me, its dangerous for you to stay here, just go away. He says you are also in danger. She says Tejas won’t harm me, but you are a tourist here, he might hire anyone to harm you. He says I won’t get scared of him, don’t worry, I will get food and medicines for you, take rest. He goes. She thinks it will be a big problem if Arshi and Shrishti come here, I don’t like this, shall I end my life, what shall I do.

Arshi and family members confront Jhanak and Anirudh. Anirudh back answers Arshi. Tanuja says we want Arshi and your marriage to happen in the temple. Arshi invites Jhanak in the wedding. Jhanak says I will come.

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