Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th June 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th June 2024 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th June 2024 Written Episode

Arjun gives Kamal’s file to Kashvi infront of the office colleagues. He says I worked for it and you took all the credit. He says we both need to sign to close this case, so let sign it and close this case. Kashvi says fine. They go to the cabin to sign. Kashvi hugs Arjun. Arjun says I love you Kashvi, I want to say all those things to you, which I told Mahima, and says it is a torture for him. Kashvi says even it is a torture for me, but we have to do this for our child. Arjun says yes, you acts well and says my date with Mahima shall be successful. He says I am taking this powder and will mix it in her drink. He says I will ask her about our baby and then we all will live as the happy family. Kashvi says yes and hugs him. Aditya comes to the office and comes to know that Arjun and Kashvi are in the cabin. He wonders what they are doing and opens the door. He sees Arjun asking Kashvi to sign on the case file and close the door. He feels insulting to come here to take her sign. Kashvi says I will sign when I want to. She says if he is feeling insulted then he shall resign. Arjun asks why shall I resign, and asks her to resign. Aditya asks them to stop fighting. Arjun thinks it is good that Raunaq Sir informed him that Aditya is coming. A fb is shown, Raunaq Sir sees Aditya when he is coming to Kashvi’s cabin, stops him and engages him in talk, and sends message to Arjun. Aditya says he is fine. Raunaq sir asks him to say when he is joining and goes. fb ends. Kashvi tells Aditya that he is right, she shall sign. She signs and gives the papers to Arjun. Arjun says I don’t want her to do my work and will approach Aditya for any work. Kashvi says even I don’t want to come infront of me. Arjun goes. Kashvi thinks thank god, Raunaq Sir had informed Arjun.

Later Kashvi is sitting in the hall. Mahima comes and asks where is my pink saree. Kashvi says you shall keep your saree and says just now I came from office. Mahima says you had gone to my room. Kashvi says I found the lights and fan on and went inside to switch it off. Arjun comes there and asks what happened? Mahima accuses Kashvi of stealing her pink saree which Arjun gave her. She says they shall check in her room. Kashvi asks her to check in her room. They come to the room. Mahima searches in her cupboard. Kashvi says if you get the saree here then I will change my name. Mahima says you must have kept it somewhere. Just then Karun brings her saree. Aditya says Mahima, you saree. Karun says Mamma, you asked me to get it ironed. Mahima says yes, I had forgotten. Arjun gets ready to go on a date. Aditya asks where is he going? Arjun says he has booked a banquet in Mahima’s favorite hotel. Mahima comes there. Arjun praises her beauty looking at Kashvi and leaves from there. Aditya tells Kashvi that he knows her mood and will bring icecream for her. He goes.

Arjun and Mahima come to the hotel. Mahima says this is my favorite hotel. Receptionist asks waiter to take them to their room/banquet. Waiter takes them and comes back. Aditya comes to waiter and gives him money, and says you can earn a month’s salary in a day, and asks him to make the chandelier fall in Arjun’s room. Waiter says ok. Aditya says now Arjun’s feelings for Mahima will be exposed and says if he saves her then it will be proved that Arjun and Kashvi’s fight is real, else their fight is fake and then I have to find out why they are doing this act.

Arjun and Mahima come to the banquet. Mahima thanks him. Arjun says I have done this for you. She hugs him. They come to the sofa and sits. He says we should have come here. Mahima says we shall inform the divorce lawyer that we are not taking divorce and says she will informed them. Arjun takes out mobile. She asks them to click their photos. He takes their selfie and Mahima’s solo pics. He messages Kashvi that he is missing her and that Mahima has made him bored. Kashvi messages him that she is also missing him. Karun tells Isha that he is missing his Mamma and Dad and hopes they don’t fight. Kashvi thinks to cheer him up. The waiter is cutting the chandelier chain. Another waiter brings the drink. Arjun says he will serve it to his wife. She says she has always dreamt husband like he is behaving now. He says I will fulfill all your dreams. She takes a sip and keeps the glass. The medicine packet falls down. He picks it up. Mahima asks him to pass the drink. He gives the drink, and some of the drink fall on her saree. She cleans it. Arjun mixes the powder in the drunk and stirs it with the straw. Mahima asks what you are mixing. He says my love. Mahima says you are lovely. They are about to drink.

Aditya comes to the CCTV room and clicks the guards’ photo who are sleeping. He then wakes them up and threatens to show to their boss. He asks them to go out for sometime. Mahima tells Arjun that the ambience is good, they shall drink later, but shall dance first. She takes him to dance. The waiter is still trying to cut the iron chain.

Precap: Arjun enquires with the shop keeper about CD859. He comes to the Pub, when Aditya’s goons attack him. Kashvi is dancing as Dulruba, comes to Arjun and hugs him. Aditya sees them together and thinks they were betraying me.

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