Jiji Maa 28th March 2018 Written Update

Jiji Maa 28th March 2018 Written Update by Amena

Jiji Maa 28th March 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Uttara crying and worrying for Jayant. Suyash comes there. She says my world starts and ends on you and our sons, nothing else is imp, I have done a lot to keep this family united. Jayant says I know, you have kept this family together, its not easy to raise someone else’s child as own. She asks what did you say, don’t say this again, Suyash is my son, I m his mum, tell me. Jayant says sorry, I shouldn’t have said this to hurt you, Suyash is just your son. She says I know this is a lie, but its bigger than my life’s truth, we could have told him but we didn’t tell him so that he doesn’t get hurt, his mum has come now, will she snatch him. He says no, he is your son, any lie for good intention is bigger than any truth. Suyash recalls Falguni. Uttara says I know you are

saying this to keep my heart. He says no. She asks him to have medicines. She sees Suyash at the door. Jayant asks him to come in.
She asks did you have food. Suyash holds her hand and says I love you mom. She cries and says I love you too. Jayant says I went to hospital and you are hugging your mum. She asks him not to come between her and her son. Suyash comes to his room. Falguni asks did you get answers. He says no, but I understood one thing, my mom is the best person in the world, I m lucky that she loved me more than Vidhaan, I will never tell her that I know the truth, she loves me a lot. She thinks he is mistaken about Uttara. He says promise me you won’t say anything to mom, I will find Gayatri and get my answers. She nods. Its morning, everyone greets Jayant. Jayant says sorry to spoil your birthday party. Suyash says its fine. Vidhaan says we will have food with you like always. Jayant says you are making fun of me, I will go hospital again. Vidhaan says fine I won’t joke, just stay healthy. Niyati says its good you are fine. Vidhaan says Gayatri was there to help. Kaka says she has left at night. They get shocked.

Vidhaan says she was lucky for us, she saved Suyash and dad. Uttara says its okay, she has her own life, we will also move on. Jayant asks Suyash what is he thinking. Suyash says nothing. Falguni gives sweets to Suyash and says I learnt this recipe from Gayatri. He says I m finding her. She says I tried to contract ashram manager, they will inform us. He asks why are you doing this, you have many responsibilities. She says we are husband and wife, you can’t be alone in this journey, Lord will get her back in this house. He says tell me why are you referring me with respect. She says you are a big man, you are now Suyash for me. He says you always have hope. She says person doesn’t break by having hope. He says I have taunted you and didn’t talk well, you still thought of my happiness, sorry. He asks her not to say him Aap again. She agrees. He thanks her. Music plays…. Niyati looks on and smiles.

Servant calls Falguni. She goes. Niyati goes to Vidhaan and says Suyash and Falguni patched up. He asks really. She says we have to make romantic atmosphere for them. He says fine. She says they will have romantic date and then… He asks why are you shy, its their date. She asks him to plan their date. He says I can easily do this, Suyash and Falguni will like it. They smile. He praises himself. He says tonight will be lovely romantic night for them, give me a hug. They hug. Vidhaan orders things. Niyati says mom and Suyash got office home. Suyash talks about work. Falguni helps Suyash. He thanks her. Uttara sees them. Falguni talks to the clients. They praise her and say Suyash and Falguni are nominated for business award. Falguni thanks them. Uttara says enough, we will talk in office. Vidhaan says meeting is over, they will forget all old dates by this date. Niyati says its their first date. He asks what. Falguni asks Suyash is he free tonight. Suyash says no. Uttara reminds the meeting and asks him to attend on her behalf. He says I will handle it. He says sorry, we will go anytime later. Falguni says its fine. Uttara smiles.

Precap:Vidhaan tells his plan to Niyati. Suyash and Falguni meet on a date. She sits in his lap and they confess love.

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