Jubilee Talkies 10th July 2024 Written Update

Jubilee Talkies 10th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jubilee Talkies 10th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandy telling Shivangi about AG’s habits, likes and dislikes. Shivangi takes the instructions. Sandy introduces Ayaan’s staff to her. Shivangi says its my first day today. Sandy asks her to note down everything. She says I don’t need to note, everything is fixed here. He asks what did I say, tell me. She tells him whatever he told. Raju and Aai smile. Sandy gets surprised. He asks everyone to get to work. Raju asks Aai to come with her. Sandy says it would be better for you to stay away from Ayaan, just take your salary, you will be there on job. Shivangi asks how can I take salary for free, Tara trusted me and gave me this job, I won’t break her trust. She smiles.

She goes and cleans the vanity. Aai says I m tense, AG will get angry seeing you. Shivangi says no, he will not refuse to his mum, I will convince him, I have much work, I want to give his vanity a new look. Aai says you can take it from Raju’s magical box, we will decorate it as we used to decorate Sangam. They get few things and start decorating the vanity. Sandy asks what did you do. He goes inside the vanity. He says I told you not to do anything. Shivang says I decorated the vanity, Tara hired me to help AG. Aai says he will become your fan. Sandy gets hiccups. Ayaan comes there. He calls Sandy. Raju sees Sandy hiding and says Ayaan is calling you. Sandy asks her to go.

She lies to Ayaan about Sandy. Ayaan says we will extend the shift today, because shoot didn’t happen yesterday, where is Sandy. Shivangi comes to Ayaan. He says you… She says I m Shivangi, I m doing my duty. He asks how dare you. She closes the umbrella. They get under it. She says sorry. She tries to open the umbrella. Ayaan asks her to wait and holds her hand. He opens the umbrella. He shouts Sandy…. Sandy hides. Ayaan finds him. He asks what is that girl doing here, I had fired him. Sandy says yes. Ayaan asks Raju to remove Shivangi from his sets. Sandy says Tara has appointed Shivangi as your PA. Ayaan leaves. He comes to meet Tara at an art gallery. He asks her about Shivangi. She asks him to tone down. He says I can’t keep that girl in my team, who is she, why shall I tolerate her, she entered my vanity too, she is stalking me, I don’t like her. Tara says look around, what do you see. He says paintings, which I don’t understand. She says its legends’ paintings, not everyone get a chance to become legend, you got a chance because of me, I have groomed you. She taunts him.

Aai and Shivangi have a talk about Ayaan. Shivangi says shooting is cancelled, go home, I m Ayaan’s PA, I will come when he returns. Aai says no, he will get angry, come with me. Shivangi says I m not a kid, I will handle it, go hoem. Aai says come with me. Shivangi asks her to make her fav food. Aai agrees. She says be careful, take care. Shivangi hugs her. Aai leaves. The man says Ayaan fixed the interview and he is missing now. Toto goes to call Ayaan’s PA. He asks Shivangi about Ayaan. He says come with me and talk to the media. She says Ayaan is busy, I will inform him, till then, you have coconut juice, go and sit in the vanity. Sandy stops the reporters. He says Ayaan is coming in 2 mins, come and have tea. He asks Shivangi not to send anyone to Ayaan’s vanity. He says I m with Ayaan since 10 years, I know him well, don’t use your mind, better leave from here before AG comes. He calls Ayaan. He gets hiccups. Shivangi gets warm water with lemon and mint. She says your hiccups will end. She says this job is imp for me, I made a mistake but now I can open the umbrella well. He says you are not giving up. She acts. She says I have decorated the vanity, Ayaan will dance seeing it. He says he won’t like it. She says I decorated it like home. He says just do what I say. Ayaan comes and looks angry. She says he has come. Sandy worries.

Ayaan scolds Shivangi for leaking his info and becoming his PA.

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