Pukaar 10th July 2024 Written Update

Pukaar 10th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pukaar 10th July 2024 Written Episode

Koyal asks if Vedika has gotten mad and would she stay in the Maheshwari Mansion, Vedika replies they talked she has to stay close to Rageshwari mam but Vedika replies it is just a battle field, Koyal says that Vedika should call her if she needs any help then she exclaims that she would surely do it, Vedika asks what is Koyal doing who quickly ends the call explaining that she must go back to work, Koyal wonders how can she tell Vedika that she is hacking the bank accounts of the people.

Vedika hits Sagar after turning and then drops her phone, they both kneel to pick it up but hit their heads and she tries to leave but he stops her, she asks what happened when he says he wants to say something however Vedika replies she does not want to, Sagar replies he wants to talk about what she did last night, Vedika says she did not do anything intentionally as the police were irritating them and he even helped her father that day, Sagar says he meant what she did for his aunt as she took her sign on the petition and even took the responsibility of the pooja so he has seen his aunt so happy after a long while, he asks why is she blushing when she orders him to shut up, Vedika notices how Rageshwari is listening to their conversation but leaves after getting the call, she apologizes to Sagar for whatever happened and leaves saying she wants to talk with Saraswathi. Rageshwari calls Degvijay saying she knows he is busy in a meeting and then she turns back suspecting someone is listening to their conversation, she however is stunned to not find anyone there. Vedika gets worried as the list has fallen on the floor, she thinks if Rageshwari mam sees the list then would understand she is listening to her conversation, Rageshwari asks Degvijay to quickly come back home and keep the red file in the locker as it has all of their secrets along with the death of Gautham and the death of Dayal, she says she does not want Vedika to find out the truth and asks him to understand that even she would not be able to show her face to anyone. Rageshwari walks away after talking to Degvijay, Vedika is relieved thinking that the file has all the secrets meaning she is very close to finding out the truth about Rageshwari Maheshwari.

Mauri is busy with the phone while she sees the news that the Maheshwari family is arranging the pooja once again and it is believed that all the troubles of the family ends with the pooja, the photo of the necklace is shown seeing which Mauri gets excited thinking this necklace is going to turn their life style and she wants it badly, Mauri thinks that she wants it badly and who knows the friendship of Koyal and Vedika is also affected.

Vedika is slowly walking to the door, she recalls when Rageshwari mam told Degvijay sir that the red file has all of their secrets, she turns back and is shocked to see Saraswathi who asks what is Vedika doing here, Vedika replies she does not need anything but her phone did not have network and so she came out but she is not able to find her room, Saraswathi informs it is the study of Degvijay and her room is on the first left after going straight, Vedika apologizes to Saraswathi for lying but she says she is searching for the red file and prays it contains all of the proofs which she needs, Vedika quickly goes into the study of Degvijay. Sagar pulls her back and covers her mouth, he gets scared seeing the lizard and starts panicking from it, Vedika smiling asks if he is scared of lizards, Sagar replies he is not scared of them and then accepts he is a bit scared and what could that lizard do to such a strong person, Vedika replies that lizards are very cute and she starts walking into the study, Sagar asks where is she going, so Vedika replies she has to get rid of it, she pats on the wall so the lizard runs away, Vedika thinks the red file is not here when Sagar asks what did she say, Vedika pushes him out of the study saying there was a cockroach, Sagar says she was showing a lot of strength when Vedika tries to push him and he says he was going back to his room, she asks what was he doing here so late at night, Vedika replies she was stealing before walking away.

Rageshwari is tensed telling Degvijay the girl is in this house and she believes it is her victory but Degvijay should turn this into her defeat.

Vedika lies on the bed thinking she has to find the file which is why she risked coming into the Maheshwari Mansion, she suddenly sees the shadow of someone walking and gets worried however thinks she is getting scared for no reason, she then gets back into bed once again and closes her eyes, but someone is outside the house.

Koyal asks what is her momsi saying that they should steal from the Maheshwari family, Mauri says it is good that Vedika is there and she can go steal the necklace easily, Koyal replies Saraswathi is alike her mother, Mauri says Koyal should just listen to her explaining that she desires to do something for Koyal before she dies, explaining that the Maheshwari family is very rich and would not be bothered by a single necklace but Koyal replies it is not like that, Mauri then brings out the photo of her dream house which she tears, Koyal says what is this drama then Mauri tries to take her life, Koyal assures she would do everything for her mom and thinks she is going against her sister for the sake of her mother, she apologizes to Vedika.

Vedika is sleeping when she hears the foot steps of someone approaching her room, she realizes that the door has just been opened and so asks who is there, she is scared but still throws the pillow however the person does not stop then she throws another pot questioning who is there, she sees the knife in the hands and gets worried, then she starts running calling for help but Sagar covers her mouth saying she must stay quiet, they both struggle and then fall on the bed, Sagar is on top of Vedika while covering her mouth, he says he brought water for her but she is yelling on him, she asks what kind of manners does he have when he should have knock, Sagar replies he thought she might wake up, she says this is why he came un announced into he room, Sagar replies this house and room belong to him, Saraswathi calls Vedika so both Sagar and Vedika are worried.

Precap: Degvijay asks his mother if she changed the pass code of the safe, he then loudly says it is the birthday of Sagar before entering it, Vedika makes a note of it. Rageshwari tells Degvijay that Vedika thinks she has gotten it but in reality they gave it to her, Rageshwari is smiling.

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