Junooniyatt 11th May 2023 Written Update

Junooniyatt 11th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Junooniyatt 11th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mahi saying you are trapping Jordan. Ilahi says I m not doing anything such, I m going home. Mahi gives her blank cheque. She says fill any amount but leave my son. Jordan asks why would mom send me here, all my friends are coming, you also come, forget everything. Jahaan says you think we are friends, I refused to Mahi’s invite, you have invited your best friend Ilahi, so enjoy. Jordan asks did mom invite you. Jahaan asks why, don’t you know. Mahi scolds Ilahi. She asks do you become rich or are you scared of Jordan, you want to win him and also the competition trophy, wow, what a plan. Ilahi asks what are you saying, did Jordan say anything. Mahi says yes, he told me that he loves you. Ilahi is shocked.

Mahi says I don’t want this, take this cheque and live a good life, leave my son. She goes. Ilahi goes. Jordan asks why did mom invite Jahaan, I will go and tell her to stay out of my matter. He sees Ilahi and stops the jeep. She asks him to leave her alone. He asks what did I do, tell me. She says I don’t want any misunderstanding, do you love me.

He asks what are you saying. She says your mom told me and she offered me money to leave from your life. She sits crying. He says I don’t know the matter, tell me what happened. She asks did I befriend you or trap you, I never asked your help, you helped me, I thought you are a nice guy, you have taken an advantage of it. He says no, I didn’t do it by any motive. She says please don’t try to meet me, your mom wants this, give this cheque to your mom and tell her that she can’t buy me. Biji and Ginni keep the food ready. Biji says I have to do this drama to stay in Ilahi’s good books.

Ilahi runs on the road. Jahaan tries to practice singing. He says I will go out and meditate, I have to get my voice back and sing in the competition, else everything will get ruined. Ilahi comes home. She cries and runs to the terrace. Jahaan sits meditating. He hears her anklet sound and says Ilahi….. no, she isn’t here. Ilahi turns to see Jahaan and says I need a lot today, Jahaan. She cries. He hears her crying. She sits down. He doesn’t see her. He says why is she crying, did Jordan do anything.

He runs barefoot to Ilahi’s house and goes to the terrace. Ilahi’s dupatta flies off to him. He comes to Ilahi. Amar comes home and looks for Ilahi. He calls her out. Ilahi turns and doesn’t see Jahaan. She gets her dupatta. Jahaan hides there and thinks I shouldn’t come in front of Ilahi. Amar comes upstairs and says I was calling you out, are you fine. She says yes. He says you left the door open. She says sorry. He says come fast, I m too hungry. They go downstairs. Jahaan says I feel so helpless. Everyone stops Jordan from leaving the house. Bebe asks what happened, did you fight with Inder, tell me, I will die if you don’t stop. Jordan says you want me to die, let me go. Mahi stops him. Jordan says I got cheated. Bau ji and Bebe ask who cheated you. Jordan says I m punishing myself. Mahi says don’t be stupid. Jordan says I think I have no relation with you all, dad calls me a loser and mom made me feel a loser, you have snatched the thing I loved the most.

The episode ends

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