Dharam Patni 11th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 11th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Dharam Patni 11th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mandeep saying she can’t believe that he has grown up and says she had taken him in her lap and took him to school. He says that’s why I say that girls shall not get any beauty treatment done, as they forget their age. Mandeep gets emotional. He says I was joking. Mandeep asks him to go to his room and says kavya is waiting in your room with the milk glass. He says he don’t drink milk and says he will go and sleep. Mandeep asks which guy sleeps on first night. He says me. Kavya comes there and hugs Mandeep. She tells that when she went to Ravi’s room, Pratiksha was already there. She says I said please and asks her to go, but she didn’t listen. Ravi says you said please, as it doesn’t suit your character. Kavya says yes. She asks Ravi to go and attack Pratiksha, as she has attacked his room. Ravi comes there and hears Pratiksha talking to her sisters. Parul asks her to give milk to Ravi. Pratiksha ends the call. Ravi asks her what she is doing in his room and asks why she scolded Kavya. Pratiksha shows their marriage video and says she got strength from this, and tells that she wanted some peace, but Kavya came, so she have her lecture. She asks him to sleep and says it is going to be morning soon, and tells that it seems like he didn’t sleep since many nights. Ravi says this marriage was fake and for revenge.

Pratiksha tells him that if he wanted this marriage for hatred and revenge, then she will also do the same as him, but will not let her husband be with someone else. She says I will fulfill this marriage. Ravi holds her hand and asks her to go. Pratiksha says today is our first night and you want to hold my hand. Ravi asks her to leave. Pratiksha says I will not go anywhere. She asks him to ask Kaka to give her balm and says her head is paining. She asks him to ask Kavya to stay here in night and go in morning.

Ravi says I don’t care. Pratiksha says I permitted you to stay in the room, and says if you say anything then I will not give. Ravi asks her to go. They look at each other and their moments are shown. Ravi asks her to move and says he wants to pick the pillow. He slips and she falls on him. They look at each other. Ravi says he will not be trapped by her. Pratiksha says however he is, he is mine. Ravi comes to the guest room and thinks he didn’t get scare of her, but left as she is a girl. He says he will make her understand tomorrow. Pratiksha comes there and laughs. She says I came to give your ear plugs and says when you fell on bed, this also fell down. He takes it. Pratiksha says good night. Ravi says from where he got such daring. Kavya comes there and hugs him from behind. Ravi thinks Pratiksha has come. He sees Kavya. Kavya asks if we are sleeping here. He says only he is sleeping here. He says he already made it clear about their marriage truth. Kavya asks him why did he marry Pratiksha. Kinjal and Parul return home. Parul says Pratiksha is in Ravi’s room. Kinjal asks her to feel shame as they are talking to Chacha and Chachi. Kinjal tells everything to Prateik and Hansa. Prateik prays to Goddess and asks her to shield her. He hopes that she stays happy always. Hansa says pratiksha shall send some money to us, so that we will be happy too. She says she didn’t get R of romance and shall get M of money. Kinjal and Parul tell that they didn’t hear. Prateik says you are teasing us.

Pratiksha thinks it is her first after marriage, but she didn’t get her husband’s love, but wants I his love and support. She says I will not go from this house, even if you regard me as your wife or not. She says when we have no match with each other, then why did you marry me? She says you might be repenting now and says if you get thorns or flowers, you can’t change your way.

Precap: Kavya starts crying and says to her mom that Pratiksha won’t let her stay with Ravi as husband and wife. Ravi goes to his bedroom and sees Pratiksha.
Ravi stumbles and falls on Pratiksha. Kavya says to Ravi, you have made so many promises and have not fulfilled any. Ravi says to her, I made no promises and I never loved you and will never love.

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