Junooniyatt 31st August 2023 Written Update

Junooniyatt 31st August 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Junooniyatt 31st August 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ilahi and Tina serva pakoras and tea. Jahan coems there with flowers. Rasika says wow Jahan so romantic, who is these flowers for? He says for my beautiful wife. Jahan gives Ilahi flowers. Everyone is shocked. Ilahi recalls she said to Jahan Dolly is doubting. We have to do something that makes Dolly believe we’re a happy couple. Jahna said I am sorry you’ve to do all this. I don’t like it. But what would we have to do. Ilahi says how would I know how a happy couple behaves. Jahan said I will think about it. Ilahi looks at the flowers and thinks you still remember my favorite flowers. Jordan looks a them in anger. Ilahi says to Dolly see Jahan got my favorite flowers. She says they’re nice. Tina says wow Jahan, cute flowers. Jordan looks at Jahan in anger. He says what do you wanna show with these flowers. Jordan says reminiscing the old days. What’s the reason? Jahan says we met for the first time in college on today’s date. Jahan and Ilahi recall their moments. Ilahi tears up. Jahan says Ilahi didn’t even thank me. Ilahi says thank you. Bau ji says you made the whole house frangrant with romance. Jahan says to Ilahi looks like the idea worked.

Dolly says they look so good together. I hope they always remain this happy couple. I will pray Jordan you also get a girl like Ilahi. Jordan throws his cup in anger. Dolly asks what happened? He says tea wasn’t good. Jahan says are you okay Jordan? Jordan says she’s your temporary wife. Stay in limits. Jahan says I know what am I doing and why. Don’t forget she’s not your wife, she’s yourr ex-wife. Don’t give me this atittude. I can cancel the deal anytime.

Scene 2
Dolly says to Ilahi you both don’t fight again. Now stay in your room, don’t go to guest room. Dolly leaves. Jahan shuts the door. Ilahi says what is my test God. Jordan looks at them. He says I can’t let Ilahi and Jahan stay in one room. Ilahi calls Amar and says I will get a little late. Jahan fixes the bed and puts pillow under the blanket. He says mama would think you’re sleeping here. I can drop you. They sneak out. Dolly is in the lounge. Jordan asks what are you doing here? She says I couldn’t see so I was watching a movie. Jahan says to Ilahi mama is doubting us. She’s doing this to keep an eye. He sayys you stay in the room I will keep an eye on mama. Dolly says to Jordan come sit watch the movie with me. He says let me get something to eat.

Ilahi is worried. She says Amar must be worried for me. I can’t stay in this room with Jahan. How do I go out. Jordan comes to the room. He looks for Ilahi. He asks Jahan where is Ilahi? Jahan says what are you doing here. Jordan says it’s my house. I came here to see if my wife is okay. What if your old love woke up. Jahan says you know why we are here. jordan says everyone knows what 2 lovers do in a room. Jahan says you have a disgusting mentality. Why do you care? You’re gonna divorce Ilahi. He says if you want Ilahi to leave this room, take mama to her room. Otherwise she will have to stay here. Jordan comes to Dolly and says it’s late, I am sleepy. You go sleep, I will also sleep. Dolly says I can’t sleep. I think something is wrong between Jahan and Ilahi. They said two different places for honeymoon. Jordan says yes something is off between them. Ilahi deserved a rocking husband like me. Dolly says are you joking? He says yes I joke a lot.

Scene 3
Ilahi is sleepy. Jahan says take some rest. Ilahi says I am okay. Jordan says we can go to their room and talk to them. Dolly says no husband and wife have their personal stuff. Jahan sees a lizard, he screams. Ilahi says where is it? Jordan says Jahan is shouting. Let’s check. Dolly says let them be. Jahan sees the lizard, he gets scared. Ilahi laughs and says who’s scared of lizard. She teases him, it’s there. Ilahi laughs. Jahan says what are you doing. Jahan jumps on the bed. She says you’d break the bed. Jordan hears this and gets angry. Ilahi says control. Jordan says I’ve to go in and check. He gets angry. Jordan breaks things in the kitchen in anger. Jahan hides behind Ialhi. Ilahi says Jahan relax. Ilahi falls on Jahan. Jordan burns things in anger. Ilahi says sorry. Jahan says sorry to Ilahi. Jordan sets the kithcen on fire. He says Ilahi and Jahan can’t be in one room. Dolly smells burning. Jordan screams. Everyone rushes to the ktichen. The ktichen is on fire. Jordan burns his hand. He screams. Jahan extinguishes the fire. Jahan brings Jordan out. Jordan says Jahan take me to the hospital. Mahip says I will also come. He says no Jahan will take me.

Jahan takes Jordan to the hospital. He asks are you okay? Is it hurting? Jordan says not more than seeing you and Ilahi in the same room. Jahan stops the car and says this means you did intentionally? Jordan says yes. You challenged me. See I got you both out of the room. Jahan says are you crazy? You burned the kitchen and your house for that? Jordan says I can burn the whole world. Ilahi is only mine. You can’t touch her. I heard everything. Don’t break the bed, control. Jahan shoves him and says have some shame. I will kill you if you say a word against Ilahi. Jordan says what else were you both doing in that room. Jahan hits him. Jordan says truth is bitter. Should I get you a candy or Ilahi has made your mouth sweet? Jahan hits him.

Episode ends

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