Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 23rd April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 23rd April 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 23rd April 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Aaji says there’s always a way in life. She says you all come with me to the village. We will start a new life. Amruta says we would but I have to get Jahan’s house back. I’ve to expose the person who did this. We are a few steps back. Aaji says to us? She says me and Virat. She says the person who broke your engagement? Harsh says she trusts him. She forgot all he did. Virat says can I come? Abhiraj comes as well. He says I am Abhiraj. You must have heard about me. Aaji says I didn’t. he says I came to get your blessings. She says you’ve to deserve it first. He says I always support Amruta and Harsh. Aaji says don’t do this sweet talk in front of me. Ask before coming in, like Virat did. He says I am sorry. Aaji says to go now. He leaves.

Aaji asks Virat what do you want? Who took Jahan’s house and how will you catch that person? Arat comes there. Everyoen screams. They all run. Amruta runs. Aaji says trap him. Force him to come near you. Shouting won’t do anything. She sets the trap. The mouse comes. She eats it. Amruta says she’s right. We can catch the mouse the same way. wE’ve to bait it. She says to Virat let’s go.

Scene 2
Ishika prepares for her wedding. Kavita says you can’t meet Abhiraj. She says I have to talk Kavita says Amruta is keeping an eye on you. I did that drama to alert you. Amruta and Virat both will keep an eye on you. Ishika cries in front of Jayesh and says your daughter’s after me. She’s spying on me. She follows me. I feel very worried. He says I will talk to her. Suman calls Ishika. She says check your phone. She reads news of illegal companies being tracked down. It includes King Virat Corp. Amruta and Virat also read the news. Virat says I did it. She says I planned to set the trap. he says I got the news published. She says it was my idea.

Kavita says Suman don’t worry. This might be a trap. Stay where you are. She says I will get arrested. The notice is real. She says let’s focus on Ishika. Virat says Abhiraj. I am sure he did it. Sumna says to Ishika if I get arrested you will also get arrested. Babita comes towards Vira’ts room. Amruta hides. babita says sit with me. She says I know you have a soft corner for Jignesh’s family. I know yu care about them. You are still not talking to me. Virat says you don’t need to worry. Babita says I feel like you should get married too. He says there are no good girls. He says what kind of girl do you want? Working? He says no. They argue all the time. Babita says so no girl like Amruta. He says she’s a headache. He says I want a girl who is modern and open-minded. Short hair. She says I am glad, I like your choice. She leaves. Amruta comes out. She leaves in anger.

Scene 3
Aaji says Virat broke Amruta’s engagement. Why does she trust him? Harsh says Bhavani and Amruta only trust Virat. They think he’s the best. Aaji says they’re too innocent. Harsh says what if you also fall into his trap. She says I don’t trust anyone. I will fix everything.

Amruta walks out. She asks the watchman if he saw Ishika. jay says are yo looking for Ishika? Stop bothering her. Your’e stalking her. Stop all this. Amruta says focus on yrou wedding. He says you will fall on your face. Youre becoming like your mom. Is she asking you to bother ishika? Amruta says why is Ishika scared? What is her problem? She’s only done wrong things to us. He says no one is like her. Amruta says ishika can never be like my mom.

Episode ends

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