Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 23rd April 2024 Written Episode

Shaurya is walking with Nidhi when he sees Preeta sitting on the bed so wonders what happened to her, he asks Arohi to take Nidhi to the room while he come after a while. Preeta is sitting when Shaurya enters the room asking what happened to her as she is admitted and did not even tell him, he says she could have asked someone to inform him and questions what happened to her, Preeta replies that she is fine however Shaurya asks her to not hide anything, he explains even his mom was ill but they were not admitting his mother so he is Shaurya and got her admitted. Shaurya asks why is she admitted, Preeta informs her blood pressure dropped and so she asks if Rajveer is fine, Shaurya asks his mother to come inside but Nidhi walks ahead so Shaurya requests for five minutes so he can drop his mother to the room. Shaurya tries to hold the hand of his mother but she shuns him when he gets worried.

Rajveer is being transferred when Karina asks the reason for it so the doctor replies that he informed them this is a complicated case but they all should start praying. Pardeep gets worried when he realizes that they have shifted Rajveer so he calls the Abhay and Sandeep. Kritika sees him walking past her so wonders where has she seen him, Palki and Shanaya come asking kritika where have they shifted Rajveer, she points to the ICU in front of them.

Shaurya enters the room asking his mother why is she angry with him, Arohi asks if he does not know the reason when he replies he is not aware of it, Nidhi says she told Shaurya she was fine but he got her admitted here and then while coming to drop her he left her in the corridor due to which she was about to fall but then Arohi helped her, Shaurya replies she is mistaken as he only loves her the most and just went to meet the aunt of Rajveer, Nidhi replies that he even thinks of the aunt of Rajveer as his mother which is why he left her in the corridor or has he thought of Preeta as his mother. Shaurya replies that he just loves her the most as she is his mother, he assures he will never make her feel like this in the future and even promises to support her even if no one listens to her, he says he will not doubt her intentions and she should also never doubt his intentions, Shaurya says she knows she is not just his mother but all for him so she should not feel bad, Nidhi hugs Shaurya while Arohi smiles and Nidhi then calms down.

Karan is very anxious while Rakhi starts looking at him, even the rest of the Luthra family is worried and constantly waiting outside the ICU. Mahesh gets a call from Bani Dadi so wonders what should he say to her so exclaims he cannot answer the call. Karan gets up to look at Rajveer from the window, Palki also comes to stand behind him and they both are worried. The doctor asks the sister to keep updating him, he walks out of the ICU when karan asks how is Rajveer, Palki says he has to get fine, Kavya also mentions nothing can happen to him when the doctor says he knows they all are very tensed while the treatment they are doing is working so his internal bleeding has stopped. Palki asks if she can meet Rajveer when the doctor says he knows they all are worried. Karan says that even if there is one percent chance then he should allow Palki to meet him, Palki also says she is asking for too much so the doctor allows her for just give minutes while asking everyone else to wait in the waiting room. The Luthra family walks to the waiting room while Palki enters the ICU.

Palki while standing beside the bed of Rajveer is recalling of the day they both met for the first time and how they have spent a lot of time together while even the transgender blessed that they both would always remain happy as a couple. The Nurse asks palki to leave as no one is allowed here when palki says she came with the permission of the doctor so is just requesting for two minutes, the nurse walking out sees Abhay with the two men, she says they can only come here if they have to meet a patient but it is only possible when they are in the recovery room, Abhay agrees and so walks back when they decide to complete the work after the nurse has left.

Palki while standing holding the hand of Rajveer is thinking of all the beautiful moments spent with him and how he expressed his feelings for her, she argued with him when he said she does not have to be worried for him, she then found him drunk on the road but he wandered off to an unknown place. Palki sitting tells Rajveer she never thought life would become so difficult as she never thought about living without him, they both have seen a lot of dreams and if they break then she will be ruined, she apologizes for arguing with him but never said about her feelings and had no idea she will express her feelings, she is sure he would have felt her feeling for him. Palki says that if he is not alive then even she will not be able to stay alive so she says she really loves him, their relation is from a soul to another, while for the seven generations. Palki says he should not think about leaving her so requests him to wake up.

Abhay is about to enter the room when the nurse comes back so they act as if they were looking for the waiting area, when the nurse enters the room saying Palki should not talk like this as sometimes the patient can feel everything happening around them in their subconscious mind, while the doctor told her that he only allowed Palki to stay with Rajveer for five minutes, Palki accepts it and gets up to leave however she is not able to stop looking at Rajveer, she once again turns back with tears in her eyes before finally walking out of the room.

Preeta is sitting on the bed when Kavya comes so she asks how is Preeta, who replies she is fine but how is Rajveer. Kavya asks Preeta to not be worried about Rajveer as he is her brother, Preeta replies she has seen it that they all care so much for Rajveer so nothing can happen to him, Kavya agrees with Preeta, Kavya getting excited says even a sister got her brother so the family is complete, kavya hugs Preeta saying she is very angry with her because preeta does not take care of herself however Preeta replies that she is fine now that Rajveer is feeling better. Preeta says those mothers are very lucky who have a daughter and she feels Kavya is just like her daughter, Kavya replies even she feels the same when Preeta says that she is sure Kavya might be her daughter from some past life when Kavya getting emotional says she is still her daughter in this life. Preeta mentions she is glad Nidhi is not hearing these words of Kavya as mothers tend to get jealous if they see their children loving someone else, Kavya hugs Preeta saying she is really her daughter when she keeps recalling how she used to play with her mother during the childhood, Preeta also keeps consoling Kavya who finally says she will send Palki who also wanted to meet her. Preeta is not able to understand the feeling.

Rajveer slowly starts thinking about the moment he was shot, he regains consciousness remembering how he even saved his mother from being stabbed. Rajveer tries to take off the oxygen mask and asks who brought him here, the nurse informs that the Luthra family when Rajveer asks if his mother is fine, the nurse informs that she is safe and he is also fine. The nurse informs that his life was saved by Karan Luthra as they could not get his blood from anywhere when Karan Luthra gave him the blood not once but twice so she feels that karan considers him as his son. Rajveer starts thinking about when Shristhi maa told him that his mother is in this condition due to karan Luthra, Rajveer starts getting very restless and he angrily says he does not want the blood nor his favour so walks out of the ICU, the nurse calls the doctor and nurse when Rajveer wears the blood coat while the nurse keeps requesting him to stop. Abhay says the target is himself coming to them, Rajveer is not able to walk properly and falls on the floor so the nurse asks the ward boy to take Rajveer back to the ICU, they quickly bring the wheelchair to take Rajveer back, the nurse asks them to even inform the doctor. Abhay is waking back when they hide after seeing the Inspector and Abhay says that Sandeep is also with them, Sandeep sees Abhay so thinks he managed to run away so decides to even do the same, Abhay stops his men saying if they make a mistake then he would be caught.

Karan informs Mahesh who is glad and sitting with Rakhi mentions he is happy with the change in her behavior as those who live in the past are not able to move ahead in the life, he is sure that Preeta will get the acceptance she deserves, Rakhi replies she started believing the things that Karina di said to her regarding Preeta so it is her fault, Rakhi is worried.

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