Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 24th June 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 24th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 24th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Virat asks Amruta why did you care for me all night? She says you did something for my mom too so I did this. My mom thinks we’ve your favors on us. This mangalsutra that you forced on me also comes with some responsibility. It will end with this wedding as well. He says okay don’t think you can have a right to my room. We have a party today. She says so you want good food and decoration? She leaves. Virat says why am I melting for her again? Should I like her or hate her? I have to toughen up. I should remember what she did with my mom.

Priyanka comes there. She says I am coming there soon Virat. She sees Amruta. Virat works out on the terrace. Priyanka follows Amruta. Virat calls Amruta. He asks where are you going? She says I am going to have vada pao. He says we’ve to prepare for Mom and Dad’s anniversary. Amruta meets the event planner. She discusses the plan with them. Virat calls Amruta. He says I want the decor to be floral and catering to be in Japanese. She says I am doing this for Dildar only. He says I gave you this work. She says I already planned it all. Amruta feels like someone is there. Priyanka hides.

Scene 2
Amruta gets the decor ready. Virat comes to the terrace. Babita says why sis eh doing our party’s decor? Virat says I will make her do all the work. Why should we work when she’s there? He says to put this bouquet on the side. Where is the fountain? Amruta says you only pick what is not there. I will get it ready. Amruta ignores him. Amrtua gets on the chair to put balloons. Virat says to Babtia see how I am making her work. Virat sto ays put it on the right side. Amruta falls. Virat holds her. Virat says you can’t do one thing right. She says you’re thankless. She leaves.

Shekhar asks Nimrit if the list is ready. He says aren’t you gonna go for the anniversary shopping today? She says there was some work. He asks what is more important than shopping. Nimrit laughs. She leaves.

Scene 3
Harsh gets a call from Isha. She says do heart and mind have a relation? He starts speaking medically. She says my heart said I should call you adn my mind said I shouldn’t. Jahan says Harsh is always busy. Bhavani says he is studying. Jahan says yeah sure. Isha says Harsh can you teach Mitali? We will also get to meet that way. We can go for a coffee. Harsh agrees. Priyanka says to Isha it was the best. Bhavani asks Harsh to make a menu for her business. Harsh says I’ve to go somewhere.

Virat says to Shekhar that Amruta doesn’t want money. Why is she doing all this? She tore the cheque I gave her. Shekhar says she’s stuck here. She is just protecting her family. Virat says I am also doing all this for my family. She was behind my mom’s accident. She leaked our photos. Shekhar says I am sure Amruta isn’t behind all this. They’re very simple people. I feel so bad for her adn her family. You ruined her dream to get married. You should soften your heart for her and apologize to her. Shekhar says the decor looks so good Amruta. Virat says I did half of the work. Amruta’s ex-fiance calls Amruta. Amruta is shocked.

Episode ends

Precap: Everyone is celebrating their Marriage Anniversary. Dildar says to Amruta where are you going won’t you give cake to me. Priyanka walks in greets everyone,ne and says to Virat’s father you want to have cake for frVirat’srat wife’s hand so I heard her introduce herself as Priyanka Virat Ahuja.

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