Rab Se Hai Dua 24th June 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 24th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 24th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Ibadat slaps Armaan and says you tried to kill Subhan? she tells the electrician and says I will expose you both. Kaynaat says stop his drama, I know you plotted all this to trap Subhan. Ibadat says I saw Armaan giving this electrician money. Armaan says I was paying his wage but she twisted everything. Kaynaat says stop this drama. Ibadat says I am unable to trust anyone after Mannat’s betrayal, I am sorry.

Zoya tells Mannat to not try anything now as Farhan will kill them both. She ties her up.

Ibadat comes to her room and cries recalling Subhan’s harsh words and Kaynaat blaming her for plotting all this deliberately. She says they aren’t happy, I am getting married and even today I didn’t get any happiness.

Mannat cries and says I should have listened to Ibadat, I have to do something. Armaan jumps from the window and asks if she is okay? she cries and says he was an animal, please save me. He says you deserve this after what you did with me but I am a good man so I will help you. He frees her, she hugs him and says thank you. He says you have to stop Subhan and Ibadat’s wedding. She says what? He tells her everything that happened and how Dua got a heart attack and then asked Subhan and Ibadat to marry each other. Mannat says Ami.. I have hurt her so much, Subhan loved me so much but I was a fool. Not anymore, I want him now and won’t let him marry Ibadat. He is mine so I won’t let it happen.

Ibadat cries and says Subhan doesn’t love me, he is doing a compromise. This relationship is wrong, if it breaks in the future then Dua will be broken completely. I am destroying Subhan’s life also, I won’t marry him.

Scene 2

Armaan tells Mannat to come with him, he messages Kaynaat that he found Mannat. Zoya comes there and attacks him, he faints. She grabs Mannat and ties her up again. She says Farhan will kill me if you run away. Armaan wakes up but Farhan attacks him again so he faints. Farhan praises Zoya and tells Mannat that he won’t spare her now.

Ibadat finds Dua praying and thinks she can’t talk to her now. Dua is about to come out but Ibadat turns away and cries. She says I am going to get married with Subhan but he doesn’t love me, he is doing this for the family. He would never love me. I think we should stop this wedding. She turns to find Hamida standing there instead of Dua. Hamida says why? you love Subhan right? Ibadat says I have loved him since childhood but its one-sided. Hamida says so what? if your love is true then you will win over his heart. You should love him without conditions and greed, you have sacrificed a lot so just do this one more time and trust me he will fall in love. Your love shouldn’t have any expectations, you shouldn’t demand anything in return of your love. I have seen Subhan with you and I feel you both are perfect. You won’t find a better guy than Subhan. He doesn’t hate you, he is just hurt because of your sister so you should mend his heart. Ibadat says he said he hates me. Hamida says he can never hate anyone, he is just angry at you which shows he cares about you. Don’t leave him in this condition. Ibadat says I still feel I shouldn’t marry him. Hamida says fine but Dua won’t be able to bear it, she has hopes from you. She has sacrificed so much for you. Ibadat is confused and asks what?

Precap: Ibaadat says to her Dadi I care about my mother’s happiness and your trust, I’m ready to get married with Subhaan.
Subhaan, holding Mannat’s photo, says why I hate you Mannat, I can’t understand why did you put me in darkness and your sister pushed me inside.
A Maulvi says to Mannat you are getting married to Shaikh Wajid do you accept it. Mannat is crying.
Ibaadat is worried about Subhaan as he is getting married to someone else.

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