Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 25th June 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 25th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 25th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gautam calls Amruta. He asks how are you? Amruta says fine. He says surprised why did I call? I have been trying to call you for many days. Am I disturbing you? You’re Virat’s wife now. Amruta says what is it? he says congratulations. I am going to shift to Dubai forever. So I wanted to apologize to you in person. can we meet for a coffee about whatever happened? I will feel relieved. Virat feels jealous. Shekhar says you broke their engagement. Virat asks why is she talking to her for so long. Amruta says okay I will meet you. he tells the cafe.

Rajiv does Nimrit’s makeup to hide marks from her face. He says I do such good makeup. You’re so lucky. He grabs her face and says see it. He says does it hurt? You deserve this. you’ve to get me the money I want. Nimrit cries. Rajiv says do what I ask. She cries and says Dad won’t give her money. He’s mad. Rajiv says then you decide. He rubs the brush violently on her face. She says stop it please/ He says then get me the money like a good wife. Nimrit cries.

Amruta says to Virat I going out to meet Gautam. He’s going out of the country. He says I’ve no interest in knowing. Amruta says move now I’ve to go. She says you don’t want me here at your parent’s party anyway right? your mom doesn’t like me. She will be happy. Virat says the cake isn’t ready. Arrange that first. You took the responsibility. Do that first. She says I will arrange it. She leaves. Shekhar says wow. Well done. You have half an hour I know you’re jealous. Virat says why would I be. Shekhar says I can see jealousy on your face.

Scene 2
the party starts. Everyoen wishes Babita and Dildar. Dildar tells the guests that Amruta made all the arrangements. He says Amruta come here. Meet the guests. he says she’s the blessing of our house. And this is my daughter Nimrit. Jayesh says I am glad to know my daughter is bringing happiness to your house. Dildar says I want to ask something from a special person. Babita asks wo? He says Bebe. He says Bebe can I ask for your daughter for all my lives. Everyone laughs. Bebe says for sure. Virat says the way you love Mom if I get half. Dildar says your wife will give you double the love. She’s the best. He says let’s start the party.

Abhiraj and Virat dance with Nimrit. Shekhar brings amruta on the floor too. Amruta and Virat dance. Everyoen claps for them. Ishika says to Jayesh why are you happy? He says because Amruta is happy. Dildar gives Amruta shagun. He says you’re very special for this house. Does Babita say may I have your attention, everyone? She says Dildar and I are lucky to have each other. I wish this kind of relationship for everyone. Babita says 30 years is a long time to be with each other. Dildar always treated me like a queen. Thank you for this love and respect. Dildar says you made me who I am. They hug each other. Everyoen wishes them a happy wedding anniversary.

Babita and Dildar cut the cake. They make Virat eat the cake. Dildar says Mrs. Virat Ahuja come here, stand with us. He says to make your parents eat the cake. Amruta looks back, and Priyanka walks in. Everyone is shocked. She comes in. She says hello papa ji, you wanted Virat’s wife to make you eat the cake right? I am here. She says hello everyone I am Priyanka Virat Ahuja, Virat’s wife.

Episode ends

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