Udaariyaan 25th June 2024 Written Update

Udaariyaan 25th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Udaariyaan 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shakti runs towards the door and tells them that they will burn the factory, and will burn their lives too. Munni comes there and pushes him on the floor. She then beats him for attacking Meher and trapping her son. Shakti takes out the knife and injures Munni’s hand. He then keeps knife on her neck and threatens to kill her. Haniya signs Meher. Meher distracts Shakti while Haniya goes and hits on Shakti’s foot. Shakti leaves Munni. Sarab beats Shakti. Police comes and arrests Shakti. Haniya bandages Munni’s hand and asks her to be here until she recovers. Munni agrees. Sukhi apologizes to Sarab. Sarab says I was silent as nobody would believe me without proofs. He says Haniya’s trust and support proved him right. Aasma says my trust that nothing will happen to Meher in presence of Sarab is right. Sarab says Shakti won’t keep quiet.

Later Meher looks at the wall and gets worried. Haniya comes there and tells that the wall is the proof that she is strong, and asks her to give a chance to Sarab.

The lady workers come home and tells that they came to give their best wishes to Meher. Meher comes out and meets the ladies. Haniya tells him about Meher donating 71 percent profit for the ladies/workers kids’s education and medicals. The lady asks who is he? Aasma says he is Sarab who saved Meher. Haniya says they are going to marry next month. The ladies praise their jodi and Sarab to take care of their Madam ji. Sarab looks at Meher. Rab ne bana di jodi plays….He falls while the song haule haule plays…..Haniya asks if he fell for Meher seeing her kindness.

Meher comes to Munni and the Servants brings trolley of juice and dry fruits. Meher keeps the dry fruits tray and apologises to her for getting hurt due to her. Munni thinks to make her take care of her and says it was not needed. Meher asks her to take care of herself. Later Munni asks Sarab to become Diljeet from Sarabjeet and give the bouquet to Meher. He comes to Meher and gives her bouquet. Munni signs him to hold her hand. Sarab holds her hand and sees that she is Haniya. He leaves her hand. Meher laughs and tells that she is going to factory, as the inauguration is there for the new machines. Sarab and Munni say that they will also come. A guy comes to Shakti and asks who has beaten him like this. Shakti says Meher, Sarab and Haniya. The guy says he will kill them.

Later during the inauguration, the workers tell Meher that they want Sarab to inaugurate. Meher gives knife to Sarab. Sarab takes it to inaugurate. Meher sees the wire sparking, and runs to save him. She saves him and asks workers to switch off the machine. Aasma says she is proud of her. Haniya tells Aasma that Meher saved Sarab whom she used to hate. Sarab asks Meher, why she saved him. Meher says she has returned his favor. Haniya sees them and thinks their love story started, this is what I wanted.

Episode ends.

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