Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 31st March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 31st March 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 31st March 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Virat touches Bhavani’s feet. She gives him blessings. Jay and Ishika come in. Bhavani and her family are shocked. Jayesh smirks at them. Abhiraj asks who is he. Amruta says, my dad. Abhiraj says I am so sorry uncle we never met, do you stay out for work? Ishika says no he lives here, he’s our neighbor. She says Jeyesh ji, this is my sister Kavita and her son Abhiraj. Jay meets them. Bhavani is leaving. Kavita says where are you going, Mrs. Jignesh? We did all these preparations for you. Babita says when you’ve befriended us why stay enemies with them? They’re both gonna marry soon. Bhavani is shocked. Amruta says what? Deepika says you will have two mothers. Nimrit says to Rajiv this makes me so happy. Abhiraj says Amruta’s dad is marrying. Ishika says yes, to his love. It’s our roka today. everyone is shocked. Ishika says I am grateful to Virat. He and his family are celebrating our roka in their house. Babita says we can do that for you. We believe in making relationships. The ones that are made on love and not on force. Abhiraj says Mom no, please.

Bhavani looks at Jay in anger. Amrut says to Virat is this why you invited us? To celebrate this? Bhavani faints. Virat holds her. He says water, please. Please relax. Amruta gives her water. Amruta says let’s go. pandit ji comes in. Babita announces attention to everyone. We have double celebrations today. Holi and then Jay and Ishika our friends, who are made for each other. Their goodwill brought them away from bad and now they’re together. So we will do their roka with our blessings. Everyone claps. Babita says some people are red while others faint, this is called life. She asks Pandit Ji to start arti. Dildar says to think about Bhavani, what are you doing? Babita says don’t worry. Bhavani has moved on in life. That’s why she came all dressed here. Who would say looking at her she’s separated from her husband? Amruta says a separated woman doesn’t have the right to dress up. Babita says she does. Dildar thought she was alone and sad. so I was telling him she’s moved on long ago that’s why she doesn’t mind wearing such colorful clothes. Virat says Mom, please. Babita says see Virat, his marriage broke too, he is not sad. he dresses up, he parties, he’s happy. The way you dress up shows that you’ve moved on and how you feel. Bhavani looks happy. I’ve seen her enjoying life with he friend and cousin. She looks like she’s celebrating today as well. That shows she’s moved on. If she had the right to move on and live her life, so do Jay and Ishika. They should also have the right to be together. She says to Amruta you know I am not wrong, that’s why I am silent.

Babita says come to Virat, you’re the main host. Dildarsays this is wrong. Stop it. She says Jayesh’s luck will shine like yours today. He will also get an educated, smart, and intelligent wife like you. I am very happy for you Jay. Jayesh says thank you. Amruta takes Bhavani and Jahan from there. The door is closed. Deepika says how will they go now? Abhiraj says don’t worry I will open it. Deepika says Bhavani ji you are running from your husband’s roka? Babita says shut up. She says there’s nothing to be sad about. Babita says Pandit ji let’s start the roka, then we all have to celebrate. She says everyone has to shower flowers on them. Deepika says Ishika looks so pretty. Babita says Bhavani ji take the flowers you too. Learn from my son. He let go of the past and moved ahead. You should also let hatred go and celebrate for them. I am sure you can do that. you have a big heart like my son. Take the flowers. Virat says stop it, Mom. It’s Ishika’s mom, give her all the attention.

Pandit Ji says the girl’s family comes forward. Babita says I am her family. She gives Jayesh shagun. pandit ji says Gus’ family come forward. Babita says Bhavani ji this is your time to show you’ve moved ahead in life and left this broken marriage behind. Make them wear chunri. Babita says the guy’s family brings sweets. Bhavani brought Puran Poli. That we can consider from the guy’s family. Babita asks Jayesh to make shagun bangles for Ishika. Ishika says they’re beautiful like our relationship. I will always be with you, Jay. Because I am your whole life and family. Amruta and her family as sad. Murali distributes champagne. Bhavani leaves. Abhiraj says to Kavita I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Virat says how can mom be so heartless? She’s seen her son in this pain. How can she do this to someone else? Amruta and her family must be thinking I planned all this, mom sent me to invite them. Amruta comes to Babita and says do you think you did right? Babita says yes. You left Jayesh, you also removed his name from your name. Why are you sad now? Amruta says we have a heart. Babita says Jay moved on in his life that’s hurting you. Amruta says you judged my mom on her outfit.

Episode ends

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