Rab Se Hai Dua 31st March 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 31st March 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 31st March 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Subhan asks Ibadat why she hid about her BF from Dua? He tells Mannat to never be ashamed of her love like Ibadat is. He angrily leaves. Mannat apologizes to her and says you should have let me tell him the truth, how dare he taunt you? I will not spare him. Ibadat says this is all happening because of you, you called Farhan and now everyone is questioning me because of you. Subhan is taunting me because of you. Mannat says he has no right to question us, what’s wrong if I love Farhan? Ibadat says like people are questioning my character, they would question you too. Its about our mother’s honor too. I want you to have a good future and that’s with Subhan. Mannat says enough, my future is with Farhan, I love him.

Kaynaat tells Hina that Mannat shouldn’t have insulted her like that. Hina says she is a fool so forgive her. Kaynaat says I am not angry with her, she is Haider’s blood and my niece, I know she is being blinded by Dua and Ibadat so I won’t spare them. Hina says she should control her anger. Kaynaat says I will make sure Mannat and Subhan leave Dua’s trap soon.

Ibadat tells Mannat that Farhan is a cheapster and illiterate so she can’t love him, Mannat says I love him so I don’t care and you shouldn’t have slapped him, he isn’t even talking to me now. Ibadat says what about everyone taunting me because of your Farhan? Mannat says I love Farhan and can do anything for him. Ibadat says you must be crazy, if he loves you then he wouldn’t be meeting you by hiding from everyone and trying to take advantage of you. The real love is Subhan’s, he accepted your rejection and is waiting for you, unlike Farhan who was eyeing you evilly. That Farhan is going to cheat and run away from you. Mannat says he won’t do that, he loves me. Ibadat says if you meet with him again then I will tell Dua everything. Mannat says if you tell Dua then you will see my dead face. Ibadat says she can’t do that. Mannat says we are grown-ups now and we can take our own decisions.

Farhan calls Mannat and asks her to come and meet with him. She says I can’t so Farhan says he will kill himself. Mannat says fine, I am coming out of the house.

Farhan is waiting outside Mannat’s house, he says I will take revenge on Ibadat for slapping me.

Scene 2

Subhan is sitting alone and recalls his moments with Mannat, Sufi comes there and teases him. Subhan says Mannat is so nice, she took up a stand for her sister. Mannat knew about Ibadat’s BF but she didn’t expose her, Ibadat is so lucky to have Mannat.

Ibadat is sitting alone and recalls Kaynaat’s harsh words, she cries and says taunts hurt me. I won’t let Mannat destroy her life. I will take all the blame for Mannat if it means protecting her. She prays for Mannat.

Mannat looks at Ibadat’s photo and says I am sorry for hurting you, I know you love me a lot and I love you so much but you need to understand that I love Farhan, if you did then I wouldn’t be hiding things from you. Mannat starts leaving the house.

Mannat comes out of the house and meets with Farhan, he says lets go and be together. He sits on the bike with her and smirks.

Ibadat and Subhan look at each other when passing by, she thinks she has to lie to Subhan. Subhan is hurt with her lies and angrily leaves. Ibadat is hurt and cries, she says I just wish he would smile at me once. Subhan tells Sufi that he hates Ibadat today. Sufi says you seem obsessed with her. Subhan says she is my friend and it hurts to lose a friend. I should stop thinking about her from now on.

The episode ends.

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