Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 3rd February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Babita says Barsaat. That’s the movie, right? Bhavani says welcome you look so good. Bhavani does their arti. Vrat says to Amruta I didn’t tell you we’re coming here. Did you tell? She says no. Bhavani is about to apply tilak on Babita. Babita says I won’t let you do that. You will have to welcome me another way. Bhavani asks how. She says let me tell you our Punjabi plan. We know how to dance and how to make others dance. Let’s dance off on this song. Why is everyone shocked? Aaji says play the song. Our Bhavani will beat you. Bhavani and Babita dance on dinga tapori. Jahan and Aaji say she’s planning something for sure. She’s here to do some drama. Everyone joins Babita and Bhavani.

Babita claps adn says wow you all celebrate so much. You all have such an open mind. She says to Archana you’re so open-minded. You didn’t mind your to-be DIL is dancing with another man. You’ve so much trust. She says Deepoka people break marriages on such things in our families but see Archana is soopen midned for her DIL. Dildar says they are all kids and celebrating. Deepika says so I can dance with Jayesh? Won’t they mind it? Babita says they think it’s all fine. Like swapping partners. Right, Bhavani? Virat says stop it, mom. She says I wanna be involved with them. I wanna know how they feel. Aaji says let me answer. Aaji says but I wanna know first, a mother is so proud and egoistic when her son brings her down. Babita says what? Amruta tries to stop Babita. Aaji says she thinks only she can question people. She says to Amruta that Gautam was here to celebrate. Why did your son come here? Why did he become her partner? Why does he roam around her? Babita says there are many girls for my son. Virat says this must be a confusion.

Aaji says did you come here and become her partner or not? Do you have no shame? He says her name was on the chit. Aaji asks were you responsible for your divorce? Everyone is shocked. Virat says what? Amruta looks at Virat in shock. Aaji says he’s divorced. She says will you play games now? Don’t throw stones when you have a glasshouse. Think about your son before questioning my daughter. Got it, Babita Ahuja? Bhavani says to Jay please stop her. Jay says aai lets go. Jahan says she deserves this. We were celebrating she came here and sid such things about Amruta. Babita says I didn’t even say anything. Aaji says you came to question my Amrtua’s character, you wanted to break her engagement. Who are you to question her? Amruta says aaji please don’t say this. Virat says what shouldn’t have been said is said. Amruta says I am sorry. Aaji says he broke his marriage, not you. She says Bhavani she came here to break your daughter’s engagement. She wanted to question Amruta’s character.

Jahan says to Archana this woman does such things. Aaji says if she was a good mother she would have raised a son who could keep his marriage. Men like these who can’t respect their wives, who can’t live with them go after other girls. They cannot respect any girls. People talk about Virat and his married life. Amruta says you’re doing wrong Aaji. Aaji says some people force us to say such things. Jahan says she has no shame. We won’t stay silent. Babita says yes we won’t stay silent either. Virat stops Babita. He asks Amruta did you tell your Aaji? Amruta recalls she promised Bebe she wouldn’t tell anyone. Bebe says she heard it when you were talking to Virat. She told her family for sure. Virat asks Amruta did you tell her?

Episode ends

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