Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

Rajveer says he is feeling like beating Mark a lot but he himself got conscious so how can he beat him otherwise he would have killed mark for pointing the gun at his mother, he kneels down thinking how the bullet was fired due to karan Luthra, Rajveer exclaims Karan Luthra ruined the life of his mother as he made her be dead while still being alive while he is doing the same today and Karan Luthra has come as death in the life of his mother, he vows to ruin it and says he will bring destruction in the life of Karan Luthra, while he would not get sympathetic for it, he swears on those happiness that his mother gave him but was never able to witness herself so he thinks the countdown to his destruction is going to start Rajveer is sitting when Preeta and Mohit both arrive on the auto, Preeta coming asks Rjaveer to come with her and do as she asks him but he frees his hand from her.

Sandy is waiting when he stops Shaurya who getting out of the car hugs Sandy, he asks why is Shaurya so tensed and asks what has happened, Shaurya replies his father got shot and that too because of his birth mother who gave birth to him, Shaurya mentions he hates his mother a lot, while his father really needs blood and they have tried a lot but cannot find the matching blood, Sandy says he can give it but Shaurya replies he had something to drink so cannot help his father, Sandy agrees to arrange the blood and then starts contacting some people, explaining he needs some help and asks Shaurya for the blood group after which he ends the call when Shaurya asks what happened, so Sandy says they have got the blood after which they both leave.

The doctor asks Rakhi if she feel down, he instructs that Karina and Bani Dadi should wait outside but Bani Dadi asks why is he so angry, he says that she went outside and fell down so the ward boy had to help her stand up, he leaves when Bani Dadi asks Rakhi what has happened, she apologizes to him so Bani Dadi replies they all love her a lot but she should not walk anymore and makes her swear, Rakhi replies she is very scared and feels that something bad has happened which should not happen and is feeling it, Karina mentions she is ill and so would be thinking like this, Rakhi requests Bani Dadi to call everyone from the family because if she sees them then would be relieved that nothing bad has happened to anyone from her family, she just wants to see everyone after which she will rest. Bani Dadi asks her to rest right now but Rakhi replies she is feeling as if she cannot rest so requests them to call everyone but Bani Dadi says she must rest for now, the nurse also asks them to wit when Karina leaves advising Rakhi to not cry.

Shaurya with Sandy asks him to try and contact him, Sandy calls the person asking where is he when Sandy says that he is coming, the ward boy comes with the blood when Shaurya gives the money and after looking at the blood they both get very excited, Shaurya says everyone was calling him a villain and he has been able to do what no one could do, he thinks that everyone else feels proud of him other then his own family.

Preeta says Rajveer is not listening to her, he tries to wake Mark but Rajveer mentions he would have to tell her the truth and asks Mark to reveal the truth about why he pointed the gun at her, Rajveer threatens to beat him a lot, Mark slowly opens his eyes and reveals it was due to Karan Luthra after which he once again passes out, Rajveer asks if Preeta heard it was all due to karan Luthra, Preeta replies Rajveer has lost his mind and he is searching for reasons so anything could have happened however Rajveer replies not with his mother, Preeta says he has lost his mind and they came to rob the bank and anyone could have gotten hit by it, while Karan Luthra got hit with the bullet meant for her, she asks him to come with her but he still does not move. Preeta asks what has she said to Rajveer if he would donate the blood or not and come with her, she asks why is he quiet and not saying anything, Rajveer furiously refuses to give any blood. Preeta says then it has come to this that he would talk like with her and not even listening to her, she says she would never ask him to do anything and will herself arrange the blood but never come to him, Rajveer gets tensed witnessing it while Preeta leaves furiously to go and leave in the auto.

Rajveer gets heartbroken again and is very tensed.

The entire Luthra family is waiting in the waiting area, Shaurya returns saying he knows they all would be blaming him for not being a nice son but he just wants to say one thing that I AM THE BEST, which he does not want to explain and they all said he is stubborn so he has arranged the blood for his dad, Mahesh hugs Shaurya when Rishab calls the nurse explaining this blood is matching to karan Luthra, Shaurya goes to Kavya assuring everything would be fine now that he has returned, the nurse goes inside to check it. Rishab then hugs Shaurya thanking him, the nurse comes out asking from where has Shaurya brought the blood, Shaurya questions why do they have the problem with it because he has arranged the blood but the nurse replies this blood is contaminated, Shaurya says she might be mistaken, Rishab also suggests it might be an error but Rishab tries to defend Shaurya saying they should check it again.

Preeta reaches the hospital and going to the nurse asks if the nurse got the blood when she says they are not allowed as it is only for the family of the hospital so they can make it available when Preeta replies she knew that the nurse would be able to arrange it, the nurse asks why does Preeta need the blood so desperately and if the life of someone is in danger, Preeta says that she does not have any relation to him and until he does not get the blood then she would not be calm because she is also feeling the blood, the nurse says that they two are joined but Preeta replies she just cares for him sot he nurse agrees to give the blood. The nurse requests her to not tell anyone about it as the family of the owner might need it, Preeta agrees saying she would pray that no one needs it and leaves calling Rajveer, she says that no matter how much they desire nothing bad can happen, she says he should not even give the blood as she has arranged it.

Preeta taking the blood box in her hand goes to the hospital but she gets hit by the door and the box drops from her hand causing the blood bad to fall on the needle breaking it, seeing this Preeta gets shocked as the blood flows out from the bag. Preeta calls the nurse saying she knows the blood urgently as it is required for someone but they all leave her, Preeta then picks the bag with the remaining blood. She remembers how she told Rajveer she has arranged the blood and wonders what would happen now, she calls Rajveer requesting him to listen to her after which she walks out of the hospital while Rajveer is standing there in front of his motorcycle. Preeta is crying a lot and holding the saree in her arms, she says that his mother is pleading in front of him to do what she has asked him and she begs in front of him, Preeta is emotional.

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