Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 4th July 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 4th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 4th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Harsh tries to steal money from Jahan’s closet. Bhavani later tells Amruta her money is missing. Amruta says it must be here. Dont worry. Jahan says why didn’t you pay the vendor outside? She says the money isn’t there.

Virat asks Shekhar would you be with me even after I fight with you? He says you are my brother. Our relationship is based on truth. The truth in the relationship wins over. Virat says in his heart I hurt Amruta so much yet she stands with me whenever I need her. Shekhar asks who are you thinking about? He says Amruta. Amruta gives the money to the vendor. Jahan says you keep paying me rent for this house. I didn’t tell you Bhavani because Amruta asked me to not tell you. She always does this. Harsh is nervous. Amruta says she slapped me but I convinced her. Jahan says I agreed only to make you happy. Amruta checks for money. She finds some money in Harsh’sb account. Jahan asks did you steal?

Priyanka says to Babita your plan isn’t working. But I will execute my plan. You have to pay me well. Dildar feels suspicious.

Amruta asks what is this money doing in your wallet? Ask me. Why didn’t you tell us? mom was so worried. He picks up his bags. Bhavani says where are you going? He says to Baba. Amruta says that’s the only threat he has to give. Harsh says at least he’d have money to make me a doctor. I know he’s a bad man but at least he can provide for us. You don’t want me to go to Dad but you went to that Virat. I didn’t want that yet you did. Amruta says we’re talking about you right now. How did you get that money? Did you steal money? He says you can see aai was worried but not me. Virat stands outside. He says I am tired of hearing about money problems. I have no life. Stop bothering me. Bhavani says stop it. He says I did whatever you said. I studied all day. Kids my age go out and party. I only do this house’s work. Aai is worried because of you and Virat. He’s the villain of our lives. Because of him you lost your job, no? People mock us. You married him knowing that he’s the wrong man. But you’re all creating so much drama for the small money that I took. I needed it so I took it. Virat comes in. Amruta says, sir.

Virat says it’s okay. he says too harshly do you have any questions? You can ask me. Amrtua says sir please go home and rest. Virat says ask me what do you want to ask? What have you done for your family? Your sister has done a lot. What have you done? She’s only sacrificed for this house. She risked her life, her career, and her self-respect. She’s still tolerating your ill manners. She pays for your education, she runs this house, and she saved Jahan’s house. She did so much for this family. there’s a lot more. I don’t deserve to appreciate her but you tell me what have you done for your family? Are you a doctor yet? Harsh says I don’t need to answer you. What did you do? Married my sister by force? But you’re not even that now. You’ve your first wife now. So you’re not even my sister’s husband now. Stay out of our family matters. Go and handle your family. Virat says I will say, no one can stop me. If I can become her husband by force, I can become your brother-in-law by force as well. I am the villain. But I also know Amruta is the hero of this house. Amruta is shocked. Virat says you’re not a villain like me. Then why did you do this? Learn from your sister. She does everything without complaining. Your contribution is zero to this house and you complain all the time. You’re insulting the girl who has been doing all this? harsh says who is he to question me? If you’re talking so much about rights, why don’t you get the same rights as my sister in your house? Virat says I am talking about responsibility, not rights. Harsh is about to hit Virat. Amruta says stop it Harsh. Put your hand down. your education is run by aai and you are saying we didn’t do anything for you? You thought you should steal money? Go out from here and think about what you did. Harsh says to Bhavani see what they are doing with me? He says okay then I will go if that’s your final decision. Bhavani says to Virat have you accepted your mistake. Harsh didn’t even accept his. She says to be brave enough to accept your mistake. Otherwise, you can go from here. Harsh says then keep him. He leaves.

Bhavani cries. She says I never stop up against Jayesh, that was my mistake. My upbringing wasn’t right. She cries. Virat says please forgive me. Everyting will be fine. Bhavani says I forgave you.

Precap: Virat apologises to Amruta for his words. Amruta says I don’t understand what to do but I know my brother is not a thief, she grabs sand in her hand and says it feels like everything is spilling out of my hands just like this sand. Virat brings his hand and says no need to worry and if something happens I’m here to save you.

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