Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 4th July 2024 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 4th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 4th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Shiv comes out of the OT, Shakti hugs him and asks how is Dadi? He says how could she fall down when you were there? you should have been more responsible. He starts to leave but Shakti cries and begs him.

Rimjhim scolds Dharam for selling his bike that Chacha got for him, she says you didn’t think about his hard work that he did to get you this bike. Manorama says he did this for his wife. Rimjhim says we are all trying to keep her happy so she can compromise a bit too. She tells Dharam to not hurt his family for his wife, she asks Dharam to sell the stuff he got for Koyal and get his bike back. Koyal comes there and says stop. She says how dare you decide what my husband does for me? She says I am his sister. Koyal says I am his wife and I matter to him the most but you won’t understand because your marriage broke. This is my house and you are just a freeloader here. Dharam says don’t say that. Koyal says I have to say that you are jealous of me, I have a loving husband and you don’t that’s why you want to destroy my marriage, you are sad and alone that’s why you are interfering in my life. You are making my family against me. You are just a used stuff that is jealous. Rimjhim is about to slap her but Koyal stops her and says don’t forget where I come from, I can answer you back easily with a slap. She leaves from there. Rimjhim is hurt.

Scene 2

Shiv comes back to Shakti and consoles her, he says I am sorry for shouting at you. I know you are worried about Dadi, I just got scared seeing her condition, what if something happens to her? Shakti says we are all here for her, she will be fine. Mohini spies on them, Shiv sees her in a nurse uniform and goes behind her. Mohini runs from there and locks herself in a room. Shiv comes outside and asks her to open the door. Mohini gets worried. Shiv breaks the door and enters the room but doesn’t find anyone there. He is confused as he saw the nurse entering the room. Mohini hides from him in her snake form. Shiv looks around but Mohini leaves from there as a snake. Shiv says how is this possible? Shakti comes there and asks what is he doing here? He says I talked to a nurse before Dadi’s operation, she wasn’t doing her duty so I wanted to fire her, she was in this room but she is gone now.

Rimjhim cries so Manorama consoles her and says she was angry, she didn’t mean it. She says Koyal was right. Manorama says she comes from a different family, she doesn’t know that we don’t talk like this. Rimjhim says this isn’t my house anymore.

Shiv comes to the receptionist and asks the name of the nurse who assisted him in Dadi’s operation. She says you didn’t have any assigned nurse today, Shiv says what? I had a nurse who assisted me. Shakti tells Shiv to go and check on Dadi, we will see this later on. He nods and goes with her.

Mohini meets up with Beera and says Shiv was about to find me, he really thought he would catch me but soon I will expose myself to him. I am going to kill Dadi first and will make sure I get my Kundan back. Beera says don’t forget about your duty towards Naagmani. You were sent on Earth to protect naagmani which you lost 25 years ago, you are blinded by revenge but only Bagwati (Dadi) knows about naagmani and you tried to kill her. Mohini says you are right, that Dadi can’t die. Beera says Shakti is also a hurdle for you, she is Shiv’s support and the Lord’s blessings. Mohini says I am going to separate Shiv and Shakti. I am going to get what I want.

Precap: Shakti finds snake’s skin between the clothes, she gets scared. Shakti remembers Dadi telling her about the Nagin. She looks for the skin and find some more. Shakti says to Mohini I found snake’s skin from your clothes, do you recall anything.

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