Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 5th June 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 5th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 5th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Virat says 4 pheras are enough, Now announce we’re married. Pandit Ji says filling her hairline. Virat throws sindur on her head. He says from today you will have no happiness in your life. He says Bhavani see you got your daughter married in free. Your friend and you wanted us to get married right? Tell Jahan your daughter will have a hell of a married life. He says congratulations. Amruta is shocked. Bhavani sits and cries. Amruta says you will always remember the sins that you did. You will always wonder how did you get me.

Scene 2
Babita says where is Virat? Why is he not coming home? Bebe says Abhiraj isn’t picking up the call. Dildaar says you shouldn’t take stress. Harsh asks Jahan where is Amruta? I am so worried. Jahan says they went to the festival. Ishika says they don’t have answers. Babita had an accident because of your mom and Amruta. She will get jailed. Harsh says you deserve to be in jail. You stole Jahan’s house, you broke our house. Jayesh says Amruta also creates problems. it’s been a week since you got the house back. Why are you all still here? Don’t you all have shame? They don’t want Vtoto to marry Amruta. harsh says you don’t need to worry about it. Ishika says Jay always worries about you guys. Harsh says I don’t need to talk to a person who broke our house. Jay is about to slap Harsh. Harsh holds his hand.

Babita stands up in stress. Dildar is shocked. He says your foot. Bebe says your foot. She shivers and falls. She says I forgot because of that girl and took too much stress.

Jayesh says you’ve forgotten to respect your dad. Harsh says I wish I could forget you as a whole. He says to Ishika stay away from my mother and sister. Harsh go to Babita’s house. Bhavani comes there. She’s all distressed. She cries. Everyoen is shocked. Jahan and Harsh hold her. Harsh hugs her. He asks what happened. She cries. Harsh says how did you get this bruise? She says, Amruta. Jahan asks where is Amruta. She says he. She cries. Harsh says tell us what happened? Bhavani says Virat accused Amruta of everything. He tried to get me arrested. Jahan says I will shut him up. Babbita says he finally realized the truth. My son did the right thing. I am glad he opened his eyes. He must have sent her to jail. Bhavani cries.

Deepika says what can be worse than jail? Virat comes in and says forced marriage. Everyoen is shocked. Babita says where were you? He says I will make her life. I wanted to ruin the life of the person who did this to my son so I did it. Babita says what are you saying? he says I married Amruta. She will live here and realize she shouldn’t have messed with me. Everyone is shocked. Virat says makes her life hell in this house. Everyone is shocked. Amruta comes in. Babita is shocked to see her in sindur. jahan hugs Amruta. She says say something, please. Come inside. Harsh holds her. Virat says your culprit will stay with your mom in your house. Her life would be in your control. She will have no happiness. Baita says what are you saying? he says she will never have the right of my wife. Babita says you can’t do this. Virat says I did it. Her life will be caged here. Bhavani cries. Virat says it’s my turn to take justice.

Babita says I don’t get it. What are you saying? Deepika says he’s saying he married Amruta. Bhavani cries. Bebe says you can’t do that. He says I’ve to take my revenge. Amruta is my wife now. Harsh says don’t you dare to take my sister’s name. He says don’t be silent. SAy something. Ishika says wow, amazing. This was your plan anyway Amruta. What you wanted tohappend regardless. Virat sats this is out family matter. She says I am family. He says all cunning people are from the same family. He says okay give your stepdaughter shagun because she will only get cursed here. He says get out now.

Episode ends

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