Kundali Bhagya 5th June 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 5th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 5th June 2024 Written Episode

Arohi says when Shaurya was in lockup then karan was not ready to give anything to Anshuman but he agreed to give his entire property for Rajveer, she hopes Nidhi would have said it to him when Nidhi asks Shaurya to place his hand on the heart and tell if he is with her, Shaurya replies he does not know the pain she is suffering but he is always going to stay by her side and he even promises, he even asks Arohi why would she think he is not with his mom so requests them to not think about it, Shaurya hugs Nidhi while Arohi starts smiling.

Preeta is worried when Rakhi says she would be thinking how their house has so much problems, Preeta replies that every house has the problems and they have to focus on how to get rid of these things so Rakhi should not be tensed as she will surely take care of everything. Sandy stops Shaurya asking if he will come for the match tomorrow when Shaurya asks if Sandy even knows what he is saying as the house has a lot of problems, Sandy says Rajveer and his aunt would take care of everything but Shaurya replies he would have felt nice had Sandy said either him or his mother would take care of it, Preeta calls Shaurya but he after realizing what his mom said to him walks away, Rakhi tries to get up but Preeta replies that Shaurya might be tensed due to the situation so it is nothing to worry about, Rakhi says Preeta does a lot for the family but they donot understand her, preeta replies she has said it before she thinks of this family as her own and then desires to do it for them while Shaurya is even tensed today, Palki coming says Preeta is here and would take care of it all, Preeta replies she even thinks the same about Palki while is glad that she is going to be the daughter in law of her house. Rajveer goes to Kavya who is tensed and he starts consoling her, Shaurya coming with Sandy starts staring at Palki. Sandy asks what is he thinking, Shaurya takes the entire bottle from Garesh seeing which Sandy gets worried, Shaurya keeps drinking while looking at Rajveer with kavya and Palki. Rajveer assures everything would be fine, he is standing with Rakhi and Kavya.

Shaurya enters the room, Sandy asks him to stop it when Shaurya asks if he has a problem, Sandy says Shaurya loses his control and he has to control him but Shaurya replies this drinking controls him and Sandy knows he does not let anyone near him but is closest to the drink who keeps him in check, he says he sees his mom always tensed and desires to do something but the drinks keeps him in control however Sandy replies Shaurya loses his cool after it, Shaurya says he feels like punching his father whenever he misbehaves with his mom and even wants to argue with him whenever his father gives more importance to Rajveer, Shaurya says he has become a stone even when he has an entire family which Sandy is not able to understand, Shaurya angrily breaks the glass when Sandy asks him to calm down, Shaurya keeps hitting the casket, Sandy says he was fine some while ago, Shaurya replies Rajveer does not have anything but even then he has taken everything while he is without anything but Rajveer has one thing which he feels would be his own, Sandy takes the name of Palki however Shaurya replies the aunt of Rajveer, as he has not seen a more loving and caring mother but Rajveer even has her, Shaurya says Rajveer has taken everything from him, meaning his relations so what does he have, while what about his sad mother. Shaurya says his father loves Rajveer more then him and his mother, he asks Sandy if his father deserves the love of him but then says why should he ask Sandy anything, explaining he is going to talk to his father.

Shaurya walking in the party sees Rajveer talking to his father so gets even more furious, he thinks of when Anshuman said he felt nice seeing him the jail that he is all alone. Shaurya calls the waiter to take another glass of wine which he starts drinking while staring at Rajveer and Karan, who notices him drinking along with Rajveer, who quickly leaves so karan slowly starts walking towards him. Karan helps Shaurya sit down on the chair as he is not able to stand up, Karan then calls Nidhi while asking Shaurya to drink water.

Rajveer says he is glad he found her when Mr Luthra is asking what do they have to do next, Preeta replies that she knows it but Rajveer can ask Karan about it, Preeta says that karan has stopped her from telling anyone so Rajveer leaves.

Karan asks Nidhi to bring black coffee for him but then suggests she should take him from the party, Shaurya asks Sandy to bring black coffee for him explaining he can do anything but what could he down without his father, saying he wants his dad in each and every aspect of his life but his dad does not have time for him but only for that Rajveer for whom he is always available, Karan is stunned when Shaurya says what could he say to him, he says he got arrested and after it Anshuman gave him an offer to give half of his property and get Shaurya released but his dad rejected it and threw his son under the bus, but then Rajveer got arrested and Karan got desperate to free him so gave his entire property for him, Shaurya asks what relation does Rajveer have with him, and then says why is there so much difference, Karan tries to explain there is no difference and he loves Shaurya the same as Rajveer while in fact loves him, Karan says he can leave everything for Shaurya but he does not believe him, Shaurya says these are just his words, karan says Shaurya would not understand it and he is even drunk, Karan explains they will talk once he regains his consciousness, Karan asks Nidhi to take care of him before leaving, Shaurya says his Dad just wants to prove him wrong, no matter what happens he just blames the alcohol and shows the attitude before leaving, Shaurya exclaims the next time he would talk when he is conscious, Nidhi is smiling.

Rajveer says he does not want Karan sir to suffer any loss, Kavya says they all know it and Palki says they are facing Anshuman Panday who is very clever and will not be fooled easily, Kritika agrees with Palki saying Anshuman Panday knows they donot want to collaborate with him but doing it out of force, Palki says this is why he is very careful when Kavya agrees with Palki and she asks Varun who is not paying attention, Kavya says that had Palki not gone to the stage and made him confess the reason behind the bail then he could have taken back his words, Preeta coming says he said his manger has brainwashed him but when he found it then he fired the manager and so they gave him the offer to collaborate, Rajveer mentions Anshuman Panday accepted that he and Shaurya are innocent so what is the need for it and they can ask him to leave but preeta replies they just want to pretend that they are doing it with a lot of happiness as he is very clever, he just told it verbally to the media and they need some sort of proof, they at least need the termination letter of the manager so Anshuman would say they forced him and he has never terminated the manager because the letter does not exist while the manager would support Anshuman Panday, Preeta replies he has still kept a strong point to trap them so they must keep pretending.

Nidhi says she is worried and no one takes her seriously, Karina replies it is not the case and they all take her words seriously, Bani Dadi says they love each other a lot when Nidhi replies they aslo have some outsiders while it has resulted that they are going to lose everything, she assures she does not want any property but is worried for her family and what would happen if they lose anything, she asks is Mahesh Dad or Karan going to build everything from scratch while can they think before going to to a good hospital for treatment, Mahesh says that he is understanding her concern but they donot have so much time left to be worried like this and even the nation has gotten ahead in this time while they can be treated anywhere, Nidhi asks what if Anshuman Panday backs out from it all, Mahesh replies she should trust Karan and himself as they know what they are doing, Nidhi asks what about the previous plan which they made but it failed and so how can she trust them again, as they desire her to trust Preeta and karan and what about if everything goes wrong, Bani Dadi asks Nidhi to say good things, Nidhi mentions they are very over confident and it would ruin everything, Karina says Nidhi always says bad things but what is the need for it, she informs they all are with each other and this is what matters while Nidhi should keep her mouth shut for some time., Nidhi is stunned.

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