Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 7th July 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 7th July 2024 Written Update by

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 7th July 2024 Written Episode

The apartment ladies tell each other that they have to wait until the court decides that Harsh is guilty. Babita comes into Jahan house. Babita blames Amruta for their apartment reputation being destroyed as either police come to their apartments or their family go to the police station. Babita comments on Amruta family and says to Amruta that she is going to throw the Chiknesh family out of these apartments legally and says she is going to file a petition against her. A lady also says they will throw them out and throws a utensil at Amruta. Virat takes the hit for Amruta. Babita warns the lady to not think about hurting Virat if not she will throw her out also. The lawyer comes to Jahan’s house.

Babita asks the lawyer if he did the work that she asked for him. The lawyer says no and says this time he came here to support Amruta. The lawyer asks Amruta who ruined her things. Amruta says it is Ishika. The lawyer comments on Ishika and says to Ishika and all the apartment ladies that they will be charged with trespassing. The other apartment ladies says all the things have been done by Ishika. Babita asks the lawyer what is he doing here. The lawyer says to Babita that Dildar is the one who sent him here. The lawyer asks Amruta to call him if these people trouble her again. Ishika, Babita and all the others leave from there. Amruta makes Virat sit on the sofa. Amruta applies medicine to Virat’s hand. Virat says to Amruta he called the lawyer. Priyanka sees Virat and Amruta with each other and thinks if Virat has really moved on in her life.

Kavita reveals to Babita that Dildar is coming home and he is looking upset with what happened with Amruta. Dildar comes home.

Dildar and Babita talk about Chiknesh family. Babita reveals to Dildar that she will throw Chiknesh family out of these apartments as Harsh doesn’t respect women. Dildar calls Rajiv and asks Rajiv to pack his bags and get out of this house as he also doesn’t respect women. Dildar reminds Babita how Rajiv misbehaved with Amruta and comments on it. Dildar says if Chiknesh family leaves from here then Rajiv should also leave from here. Babita says Rajiv is son in law of this family. Dildar says Amruta is daughter in law of this family.

Virat comes and helps the Chiknesh family in cleaning up their things. Amruta and Virat comment on each other as if they are talking to Jahan. Bhavani and Jahan leave from there. Virat hits two pillows infront of Amruta and all the feathers in the pillows fall on them. Virat says to Amruta this is her punishment for commenting on him. Amruta asks Virat to clean it. Virat says he will not clean it and comments on it.

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