Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2024 Written Episode

Arohi says it is difficult for the trust to break while they would now say against him but later explain Rajveer can never be wrong, Nidhi asks if Arohi is his friend or enemy so should have let her enjoy and she leaves saying she is going to cure her future, Arohi thinks now Nidhi is the one who would need help.

Shaurya gets out of the car asking Sandy if he can believe they send Rajveer to jail, Sandy says he can not believe it so advises Shaurya to go and change while he will ask the girl friends when they would reach the club. Shaurya is about to leave when Palki furiously get out of the auto calling him and he asks why is she yelling, she says what is his problem when she did not think he would go so low so what was the need to tell her family that she should stay away from Rajveer, Palki mentions if he keeps brain washing her family then it would have a bad effect on them, Shaurya warns Palki to stop yelling because innocent people live here and he says he used to think she is a nice girl but now realized she is just like Rajveer so advises her to be calm when Palki replies she came to warn him to stay away from her, Shaurya replies that she also interferes a lot in his matter, Palki replies she just gives an answer to him and has arrived to warn him of severe consequences if he does not stay away, Palki asks if Shaurya thinks he has any place in her life then should stop thinking about it as if he does not understand then she is going to come and show him, Shaurya holds her hand asking what will she do, Palki replies he should see it when she does it so leaves again, Shaurya is smiling telling Sandy that he wanted to see this reaction of her and what if Rajveer finds about it first hand, he says they should go and give Rajveer this news while then party.

Rakhi asks what are they thinking about, Kavya asks them to listen to Badi mom as she is right so Bani Dadi tells Mahesh she feels the same, Rakhi informs Mahesh that Rajveer can never do anything wrong and he must save him, Nidhi asks what is Rakhi talking about as Rajveer is a criminal, Kritika asks Nidhi to stop as nothing has been proved and their entire family does not believe he can do anything of the sort, Nidhi questions how did he have so much cash in his wardrobe so it is possible that he has sold their tender to Mr Singhania. Bani Dadi informs Rajveer is a very nice person and he fights with Shaurya but it is nothing serious, Karina Bua also believes that Rajveer is innocent. Nidhi asks Mahesh Dad if he has ever lost such a big tender, so he replies they have not then what, Nidhi even asks Karina if she has ever heard in her parties that the Luthra family has lost any tender,Karina says that they always say that Luthra’s are business minded and they always get a tender while also why do people release the tenders when the Luthras get it, she even asks Kavya why did they get shocked, Arohi replies it is clear that Rajveer was bought for some money but they still believe he is innocent, Nidhi says she is going to make it even more crystal clear and only three people knew of it, Mahesh dad, Karan and Rajveer so he took the money which was found from his almirah, Nidhi then says that no one is going to call Karan as he is already very tensed and gone for another big meeting so they would inform him when he comes back.

Rajveer is in his cell when Shaurya comes asking how is he now, Rajveer questions what is he doing here, Sandy informs Rajveer that Shaurya was very angry with him, Shaurya says he was when he brought the police to his house as the entire Luthra family cares for him a lot like his own son but he did not think that Rajveer would take some money while he has taken it to hurt those people who loved him a lot, Sandy says sometimes those whom they trust a lot cheat them, Shaurya says that Rajveer has just become a cheat fund and he does not believe he would let Rajveer near his family because everyone thought of him as prince charming but he cannot let Rajveer hurt them, his sister Kd, Dadi and Badi mom while even his fiance Palki, Shaurya says Palki has suffered a lot and she got so tensed after hearing about his arrest that she fought with her own family, Shaurya informs even the family of palki is against him who desire that she breaks the relation with him and not let her get married to a schamster, Rajveer requests Shaurya to go and try to explain them so Shaurya and Sandy start laughing when Shaurya says he is feeling very nice after seeing Rajveer be in such a state and he should remain like this thinking that Palki has been tortured by her family, Shaurya says that Rajveer must enjoy his time in the hell, Rajveer gets emotional.

Preeta rings the door bell of Advocate Mital, requesting him to open the door and he asks what happened, Preeta introducing herself explains Gurpreet di gave his contact and she might have come but Gurpreet is out of town, Advocate Mital asks what work does she have, Preeta replies she wants him to handle the case of Rajveer Arora but Advocate Mital refuses explaining he has seen it in the news and it is very complicated, he advises that Preeta should make some out of court settlement with the Luthra’s as it is the only way to bring him out otherwise he would be locked there. Preeta thinks that she was right to think that she must contact the Luthra’s as they trust Rajveer a lot and would free him.

The door bell rings when Bani Dadi asks kritika to go and see who is at the door, kritika is stunned to see Preeta who Rakhi asks what has happened, Preeta says they all know that Rajveer has been arrested for orchestrating a scam but they all know that Rajveer really cares for them all and works like as the Luthra corporation is own company and would never let anything wrong happen to them as it is not in his blood. Preeta then calls Mahesh uncle who comes out and so she asks if he knows what happened to Rajveer, Mahesh is the head of the family and even knows all of his employees so is aware that Rajveer is very hard working and can never scam them so pleads it is just a fake charge while he knows Rajveer has not done anything wrong, Nidhi comes saying that Preeta came as she knew of it, but she always misbehaves with her however is going to do the right thing so Preeta knows the Luthras can never do anything wrong. Preeta replies that she knows the Luthra family is going to support her, Nidhi explains that Preeta will never accept it as she is like a mother to Rajveer just as same as she is the mother to Shaurya and is not able to accept that he does any mistake so requests preeta to go back to her home. Preeta then looks to the family members when Nidhi says how would they all say something when Rajveer has done a very big scam but if they say something then would prove they have nothing to do with karan, Shaurya and the Luthra industry. Rakhi tries to stop Nidhi but she says she should stop hurting this family and this house because of her good behaviour while should let the truth happen, she must let the police do their work then she asks if Preeta understood it all so must go back to her house. Preeta says she understood it all even when they did not say anything, she is very emotional and turns back to leave the Luthra Mansion, Rakhi is worried for her along with the rest of the family, Nidhi notices her behaviour as Preeta leaves.

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