Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 8th February 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 8th February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 8th February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Virat asks Aaji is your family perfect? She says yes. Jay says just go from here. He says no. Gautam doesn’t want me to go, right? You stay out of it. Virat says didn’t your principal mom teach you to not interfere when two elders are talking. Do ups and downs. Jay says what is this. Virat says I will speak to just the principal madam now. He says you think your family is perfect? She says yes. He says I don’t think so. She says your opinion doesn’t matter. He says neither odes yours but you keep acting like a judge and we’re all criminals. But today you will answer my questions and prove your family is perfect. Otherwise, I will tell you they are not perfect. Amruta says sir, please.. Aaji says let me handle him. Ask me what you want.

Virat asks what is India’s tallest mountain. Not Mount Everest. She says I know. Virat says she knows. He says you tell other people their mistakes but not of your own family? Amruta says sir I said sorry. Aai says why are you saying sorry? What did she say wrong? Virat says next question. What happened in 1869? Aaji says the Divorce Act was passed. And you took divorce through that. Virat says mindblowing you know me so well. I wonder how you all fooled her for so long. You know about my past. Now let’s talk about your family. Why is 27th November special for your family? Aaji says my son go married. Virat says wrong. She says I got him married I know better. He says I know more and this whole building knows more than you. Everyoen knows what happened on 27th November last year. Aajji asks what happened. Virat yas your son’s disgusting character was exposed. Everyone is shocked. Virat says your granddaughter got to know he disgusting father is leaving her innocent mother for another girl. Jay says, Virat.. Aaji slaps Virat. Virat says strong hands. What is your granddaughter’s name? Her name is Amruta Bhavani Jignesh. She changed her name. Not Jayesh. When she got to know her bad character date was cheating on her innocent mom she couldn’t take it. She changed her name. He has a girlfriend, half of his age. Your son is divorcing your DIL. Aaji is shocked.

Jayesh says this is not true. Aaji asks who is the more disgusting, me or your son? Aaji is about to slap him. Amruta stops her. Aaji asks how can you work with him. He’s accusing your dad’s character. Aaji says to Jayesh he’s shattering your character in front of your mom and family and you’re silent. Jayesh says he’s drunk. Virat people are silent when they have such characters. Amruta says why are you doing this? Virat says because you betrayed me. Traitor. Her name is Traitor from now. He says you just said your family is perfect. Aaji says no family is perfect. Virat says you can’t even stick to your words? How do you live with these double standards? You’ve no principals. She says I won’t hear against my family. Virat says you will have to listen. Virat says you called me a failure and so does my mom. What about your son? He is divorcing from his 30-year-old marriage? He’s divorcing her for another girl. How does he pass if I fail? If my mom is a failure, so are you. Jayesh says enough. Get out of here. You’re not in senses. Virat says are you in senses? I will bring you to the senses. I have proof. Jayesh says he’s drunk and lying. Virat says I won’t leave without giving you proof.

Archana says to Jayesh he won’t give you any deal. He hates Amruta. Aaji says show me the proof. Virat says follow me. Bhavani says I beg you, Virat, don’t do this. Aaji says why are you begging him? Virat says because she knows the truth. You will also know soon. Aaji says let him speak. He’s questioning my upbringing. If he’s lying I won’t leave him. Virat says if I am telling the truth, you can hit your son with my most expensive shoe. He takes Aaji with him.

Scene 2
Ishika is locked in her house. Babita calls Ishika. Ishika tells her she’s locked in her house. She says to send someone, please. Babita says I am sending Murali. Virat says to Aaji now you see the truth. Ishika says to Babita Virat is here. She says to keep the phone on speaker. Aaji says whose house is this? He says your son’s. Read the nameplate. Aaji reads Jayesh’s name on the nameplate. Virat says this is where your son cheats on his wife. Where he ended his 30-year-old marriage. Aaji says you said this house was sold. Virat says it got broken instead. Your perfect son chose the perfect day to tell his perfect family that he found another girl. Right banker? Amruta was dancing that night. Later her dad kicked her and her mom out of his house. They had no place to go. I felt so bad. Tell her everything, Amruta. That day she got to know her dad had an affair. He is living with someone half his age. Aaji is shocked. Bhavani and Amruta crying. Virat says to tell her the truth. Bhavani says please Virat, don’t do this. Amruta says to Aaji please let’s go home. Aaji cries.

Ishika knocks on the door and says help, someone please get me out. They all stop.

Episode ends

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