Rab Se Hai Dua 8th February 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 8th February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 8th February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gulnaaz says I will tell you the truth now. I swear on the Quran I didn’t kidnap Gazal. I didn’t harm her. Do you still not trust me? She says I swear on my kids. I can never let any harm come to them. I don’t know where she is. I did nothing. I made a mistake that’s what I was trying to hide. I drank from Rahat’s bottle by mistake so I went out to throw it. Dadi screams at Rahat. She says have some shame. Do you drink? He says we poet people have to drink. Dadi says go from here. Gulnaaz tells Dua she got worried hence she lied. Rahat says she’s not lying. she swore on her kids. Someone else did this. Dua says okay I agree, but why was she up so early? Where did she go? Gulnaaz says I went to throw the bottle. I’ve not involvement. Qainaat says she’s lying. I am sure she did this. She was provoking me to kill her child. Gulnaaz says I want to get rid of her but I didn’t kidnap her. Qainaat says if you did, it’s the right thing.

Hamida says you always do such things. You also provoked us to get her abortion done. Hina says she ish right. Gulnaz fights. Haider asks them to shut up. He says whoever did it, tell the truth because after that I will call the police. Gulnaaz said yes call the police. They will interrogate everyone. Hina says I can never do that. Hamida says neither did I. Gulnaaz says everyone is under interrogation but one person.

Scene 2
Gazal requests kids for passwords. they tease her. She says please. They tell her the wrong password. They say request with respect. She says I gave everything. She requests the kids. They ask her to dance to a poem. They laugh. They give her the password. Gulnaaz asks Dua who went to Gazal’s room last night? Dua says I did. Gulnaaz says and you went to her room in the morning as well. You got to know first she’s kidnapped. Then you got the message. I doubt you’re behind all this. Gazal says are you crazy? Gulnaaz says if you can accuse us we can accuse you. She’s your sautan. What if you killed her? you have trouble with her the most. Haider says enough. Qainaat says, Gulnaaz is not wrong. Dua is her biggest enemy. Dua says Qainaat you’re saying this? Gulnaaz says we all love you but you should tell us the truth. Dadi says are you crazy? How can you accuse Dua? I went there to her room after Dua. Ruhaan says Dua can never do that. She says but your mom can? Gulnaaz says we should call the police. Everyone should be interrogated. They all fight. Dadi says stop it.

Dua gets a call. It’s Gazal. Everyoen is fighting. Gazal says it’s me, Dua. Dua is shocked. Dua asks where are you? She says someone kidnapped me here. Please save me. dua says who did it? She says you won’t believe it. Dua asks who is it? She says the person got a bruise on head. The person is..

Episode ends

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