Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th February 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ishika knocks and screams for help. Virat says oh someone is inside Mr. Jayesh’s room. It’s our very own Ishika. Ishika cries for help. Jayesh says Ishika are you inside? Can you hear me, baby? Are you okay? He panics. Aaji cries looking at him. Jay asks who has the key, and Ishika is inside. Who did this? Vrat says see, his Ishika baby. The one inside isn’t your DIL. Aaji cries in shock. Virat asks Harsh who’s inside. Jay says enough okay? Virat says ask your baby if she’s okay? Jay says Ishika are you okay? He shouts open the door. Virat says Isho baby is in trouble. Virat breaks the lock for him. Ishika rushes out and hugs Jayesh. Jay asks are you okay? Aaji shouts at Jay. Jay asks who did this? Who locked the gate? Virat says she left her gajra here. Ishika says Bhavani’s gajra is missing. Jahan says I locked her. I did the right thing. She says to Aaji I didn’t want Amruta’s day to be ruined by her.

Aaji cries and asks Amruta if Virat is not lying. You all kept me in the dark. She leaves in tears. Jay says to Ishika that everything will be fine. Amruta says your mother is crying and hurt, and you still don’t care. You are so selfish. You only love yourself. She says to Ishika that the day he finds another Ishika, he will leave you as well. Don’t trust him. Virat says you are also a traitor. He says in his heart I shouldn’t feel guilty. Jay says to Virat go now. Jay says this isn’t your home. Virat says I am standing in the corridor. Ishika says to Jay I will talk to your mo directly.

Scene 2
Aaji comes to Jahan’shosue crying. Archana says the truth came out so we won’t have to act. Her husband asks did you know? She says yes. But I said yes to Gautam. I already said no to this relationship. Aaji cries and says even they knew. Amruta says we wanted to save you from the hurt. We didn’t want your heart to break. Sorry. It was not our choice. Ishika comes and says don’t do this emotional drama. I Ishika says to Bhavani how dare you lock me. Jahan says get out of here. Ishika says Bhavani locked me you were trying to save her. You’re lying. Amruta says my mom didn’t lock you. Ishika says she did. She asks Bhavani how dare you lock me, what if something happened to me. Jahan says I wish something happened and I locked you. Ishika says don’t lie. Bhavani says I didn’t do anything. Jayesh shouts enough. Don’t lie. Why did you do that to my Ishika? You love creating drama. Virat comes back. Virat says who could do it then? Jahan says I did it. Should I do it again? Jayesh says don’t dare to threaten my Ishika. Virat says my Ishika, see aaji he’s so cute. I know you’re angry after knowing your favorite son’s truth. People spit on such families. Jay says Bhavani you crossed the limit. You didn’t think how she would go through. Do you have any shame, you shameless woman? Ishika asks why did she it. I know it’s Amruta’s engagement. I was in my room.

Bhavani says to Archana this isn’t Amruta’s fault. Archana says it’s our fault that we came back here. Her husband says your family is used to such things but not us. Archana says I told you Gautam’s dad is meeting you all for the first time. We don’t want to be part of your shameless family. Aaji asks Amruta whose house is this? Ishika says Bhavani brought her kids here. Jay adn I love each other and wanna live together. Bhavani didn’t give me a chance. Aaji asks Amruta you didn’t buy this house? Amruta says Jahan Aunty is like Bhavani’s sister. She’s family. Aaji says so this house isn’t yours? This woman is right. Aaji cries and says I trusted you and Bhavani always. I knew you never lie. I was wrong. Bhavani cries and says forgive me. Amruta says that the house isn’t ours anymore. Jahan says Jay wants to divorce Bhavani. Ishika says their marriage isn’t left. He wanted to give his kids their rights. He just wants to get rid of Bhavani. He made this deal but Bhavani broke it. Amruta says I tore that paper. Bhavani stops them. Aaji cries and says Virat was right. I became a hypocrite. My family made a joke out of us. You broke all records of being shameless. You forced everyone to hide your dirt. She cries and says this was my upbringing. She goes to her room crying. Babita is on call. She says they deserve this. Aaji cries in her room. She sobs.

Scene 3
Deepika tells the whole story to Bebe. Babita says that the family got what they deserved. Rajiv says to Nimrit thank God Virat taught them a lesson. Amruta deserved this. He says she will get fired now.

Archana says to Jay you made a joke of our family as well. I told Gautam we can’t get our son married in such a family. Bhavani cries and begs them to not call off the engagement. She says Amruta shouldn’t pay for our faults. Please don’t break this. Archana says we were tolerating all this. Gautam says it’s our fault that we trusted this. This isn’t Virat’s fault. This is your dad and family’s fault.

Episode ends

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