Udaariyaan 9th February 2024 Written Update

Udaariyaan 9th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 9th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aasma saying I will talk to Armaan and come, don’t worry, I will come, he always sees others’ pain, you had saved his life. Armaan drinks and recalls Aasma. He does shayari. He dances. Aasma comes and holds him. She says come home, Armaan. He says no. She takes him home. Alia waits for him. Aasma says I want to tell you something imp. He pushes her and says I don’t want to hear anything, I hate you, you broke my heart. Sukhi asks what’s happening, did you come home drunk. Armaan says you all have done a drama. Sukhi slaps him. Aasma says he isn’t in his senses. Armaan says you didn’t take my side before, you ruined my life. He asks him to listen to her once. Armaan goes to the room. Aasma stops him and says listen to me once. Armaan refuses. He falls on the bed. Aasma sees Murtazan and Zain hiding. Alia comes. Aasma shuts the door. Alia says open the door, Armaan is my husband. Aasma cries. Alia gets angry and goes.

Murtazan says if Alia is Armaan’s wife, then you… Sukhi says I m scared seeing Armaan’s condition, did we do right by getting him married to Alia. Alia says yes, but what is happening with me isn’t right, he is with the other woman. Sukhi says shut up, Aasma had risked her life and got him home. Baby argues with him. Aasma removes Armaan’s shoes. Zain says I m hungry. Aasma gets food for him. She does the aid to Murtazan. He asks are you fine, Noor.

She says Aasma. He says Noor name was better. She says Noor was no one, I will make food for you. She goes out and sees Alia. They argue. Aasma says Armaan is sleeping. She locks the door. Aasma warns her. She goes to kitchen and makes food. Rano comes and says you think I don’t know what is going on.

Aasma worries. Rano hugs her. She says I know what I asked you, Alia got everything, even then you are taking care of Armaan, go and make a new start of your life. Aasma says I was going, you heard Armaan’s condition. Rano asks how long will this go on. Aasma says Armaan is also bearing a punishment, its his duty, its my duty to support him.

She takes the food. Baby and Alia look on. Alia asks for who is that food. She hears Zain. Aasma asks Zain to eat. Baby says no, you go and sleep. She goes. Murtazan asks how long can you hide us. Aasma says I have to tell Armaan, then we will shift you to safe place. Alia comes there and tries to hear them. Rano says Alia, come, I will talk to Armaan. Aasma says we have to leave, I wanted to tell Armaan, but I don’t trust few people here. She gives clothes to Murtazan. He asks where will we go, border? She says yes, at some safe place.

Some police officers come to Armaan’s house and look inside. The inspector thinks why is Aasma awake, when everyone is sleeping. He calls his senior. Aasma gets a blanket for Murtazan. He asks can you walk. He says yes. Aasma says we have to leave from the back door. He asks where will we go. They hear the police siren. He asks do they know about me. Neetu opens the door. The inspector asks for Aasma.

The episode ends.

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