Kasam 31st January 2018 Written Update

Kasam 31st January 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kasam 31st January 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tanuja is in the lock up. Her inner self comes and asks why she is not getting angry now, and says it is truth that even you don’t want to marry AK and would have ran away from wedding. Tanuja says I am not lying, I didn’t want this. Inspector asks Tanuja to accept that she betrayed Rishi and planned to marry AK. AK comes there and shows bail papers, asks Inspector to leave her. Inspector says he loves you very much. Tanuja asks him to mind his own business. Beeji cries as Tania and Netra leaves. Rano says we will go and meet them. Ahana gets Myra’s call and she tells her that Tanuja and AK aren’t married. Ahana gets happy. Myra is about to tell about Rishi’s big move, but Maasi comes there and asks she is talking to whom. Myra ends the call. Rohit comes there and asks

them to pack their bags as they all are going back to London. Rano asks Ahana if Tanuja cancelled the wedding and taunts her and calls her characterless. Raj tells Rano that Tanuja is still their bahu and asks her not to talk bad thing about her. Beeji hears everything and faints. They run to Beeji and hold her.
Rano brings water. Raj calls Doctor. Rishi and Manpreet come to Police station. Rishi asks him not to mind if Tanuja gets angry on him. Manpreet says Tanuja is better than Ahana as the latter beats me. Tanuja sits in AK’s car and goes. Rishi feels her presence and searches for her. Manpreet says she is inside and asks him to come. They go inside and asks lady constable. Inspector says she went on bail. Rishi says who got her out on bail. Inspector says AK who was marrying her. Rishi gets upset.

Ahana calls Rishi and asks him to come home as Beeji got unconscious. Tanuja thinks about her innerself questioning her. They reach home. AK is upset and goes without Tanuja. Rano asks Raj to tell why did he tell that Tanuja is still their bahu. Rishi comes there. Ahana tells that Doctor came and checked her. Beeji says she was acting and tells that she fainted hearing the good news. Rano asks Rishi if they were divorced. Rishi says whatever Raj said was right. Rano is shocked and asks how? Rishi says I got the marriage stopped as we were still married. Rano asks him to tell what wrong did he do with the papers and asks him if he got fake papers made. Raj says when I came to room, Rishi was searching something. Rishi tells him once the lawyer said that one of the paper was missing so divorce haven’t happened. Raj gets the papers from Rano’s almari and gives to Rishi. Beeji asks Rishi to give her heir. Rano asks her to listen. Rishi thanks her for keeping papers safely and asks her not to do anything.

Raj says we have seen many troubles, and asks her to let happiness Tanuja come back. Rano says Tanuja will not come here. Manpreet says where did she go? Tanuja comes to AK and asks why you are not talking to me. Ak says there is nothing to talk and asks her to go and change the wedding dress, says he is tired and gets reminded of the happiness. Tanuja blames Rishi for this.

Rohit asks Tanuja to give tickets to AK. Tanuja gives tickets to AK and happens to see it, thinks even he is going to London.

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