Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 31st January 2018 Written Update

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 31st January 2018 Written Update by Amena

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 31st January 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Laila getting Ahana’s call. Ahana says congrats, you have become a grandman, Saloni delivered a baby boy. Laila says I m so happy, congrats to you too. Ahana says come soon, Saloni is asking about you, I will send the car. Laila says not now, I will come later. Ahana thinks what happened to Laila. Roshni sees Laila hiding the letter. Yamini smiles holding pendant and cooks food. Roshni asks is anything special.

Yamini says I m making Anant’s fav food. Roshni says to thank him for this pendant. Yamini says yes, he is so good, he thinks for everyone, its my duty to think for him, I thought to make his fav dishes, I m sure he will like this. Roshni says my Mausi is the best, you take care of all of us. Yamini says how much will you compliment me.


says I shall also taste it. Yamini says its done. Roshni thinks see Ahana how I teach you a lesson. Rehaan and Ahana are on the way. He says its such a big day, we haven’t done anything, you have become Maasi, we have to celebrate. She says sure. He stops the car and says we will find sweets here, I used to come here after college to have icecreams. She says there’s nothing here, come. He says I will do something, wait a second. He gets a cola and says we shall celebrate with this, there are no glasses. She asks now? He says this is the best way to drink. They drink by the bottle cap. She laughs. They sit on the car. She asks just one glass. He says yes, so sorry, have the bottle. They smile. She says some star would be breaking and still many stars are shining, many lives end and start in this Nakshatra, like Arjun’s life started today. He asks about the name. She says its Saloni’s choice. He says we also like it.
He drinks. She says you spilt it, cleans his face. He thinks of her. Ae dil na kar….plays…. She says we shall go home. He holds her hand. He says we go home every day, if we are celebrating today, we shall stay back for some time more. She nods. He says lets talk to these stars, lets share our happiness with them, lets celebrate, not just for Arjun, our every happiness….She says lets celebrate life, a few days ago, I wanted to die, but now I want to live, I want to laugh without any reason, I want to see Arjun growing up, so many things changed in past few days, I didn’t thank you, thank you Rehaan. He says anything for you, anytime. Dil ko bhi udne ke liye….plays….

Laila reads Vyoma’s letter…. Vyoma writes…. Rehaan and Ahana are getting closer, Ahana is happy to make him part of her life, they are breaking your trust, this will just defame you, I wanted to save you from the defamation, your well wisher. Laila sees Rehaan and Ahana coming home. She tears the letter. She writes…. Mr. Anant Mathur, my name is Vyoma, I m Rehaan’s girlfriend, I still can’t believe he left me, we both did some mistakes, I want to rectify my mistakes and mend this relationship, you are the only one who can convince him to marry me, Rehaan and I will stay happy together, help me in saving this relationship, thanks… Vyoma…. Laila smiles and thinks Rehaan won’t refuse Anant, Vyoma will get Rehaan, Ahana and Anant’s relation will get fine, Anant will help me start a better life, I can’t lose him at any cost.

Ahana shows baby’s pics. She says Saloni and Tarun named by Arjun. Laila says you killed your own children, just be happy seeing others’ children. Ahana asks why do you hurt me like this. Laila asks why are you doing this, I m seeing it, you are trying to ruin your marriage, Rehaan was your biggest enemy, how did he has become such a good friend, I m not blind, you forget all problems seeing him. Ahana asks what do you want to say. Laila says you know it, you are a big fool, I want to save your marriage, Anant got Vyoma’s letter, she has mentioned your friendship with Rehaan, its good I got it first, you are not a kid anymore, I can see Anant is trying to win your heart and get close to you, you are still living in a different room, control your heart, else you will lose everything. Ahana opens the door and sees Rehaan. Ahana recalls Laila’s words. She goes.

Ahana asks Yamini about pendant. Yamini says Anant gave it to me. Anant asks when did I give it. Ahana says Anant gave me similar pendant. Rehaan and Roshni argue. Ahana says we made a big mistake. Rehaan holds her. Anant comes to them. Rehaan gets away from her and gets tensed.

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